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Paw Patrol Live: NJ PAC


We visited the NJ Performing Arts Center in Newark for the Paw Patrol Live: Race to the Rescue show. My daughters obsessively watch Paw Patrol, and I have mixed feelings about the show, but still the characters are lovable. So I thought it would be a nice surprise to take them to the live show.

One thing I never can predict is how the kids will react to the show itself. They get excited for these things when we mention it, but the actual experience is always so…unpredictable. Well, the car ride is an hour so that was their nap. And waking up from a car nap is always a hit or miss. More often then not, they wake up cranky or not rested enough.


We arrived to the show a few minutes late, meaning we arrived to a very dark theater, guided by flashlights, and since I paid very little for the tickets, our seats were all the way at the back and extremely high up. The NJPAC is a proper theater, and the seats literally are on top of one another, so the higher you go up, the more you feel like you will fall to your death if you just tip over and look down. My daughter was frightened while climbing up, and you know what so was I. I was getting a bit dizzy myself.


I know what you’re thinking- we could have avoided all of that if we had bought better seats. Yes- we could have. But since we don’t do this very often, and not knowing how the kids will behave, I didn’t want to waste a lot of money on something if they didn’t enjoy it. And I’m happy with that decision.

About an hour into the show, the attendant informed us that we could move down a few rows if we liked since there were so many empty rows. That was a nice surprise. The show was just like watching the TV show. The characters were pretty good. The kids enjoyed it and I think it was worth the money. Perhaps next time, I would purchase orchestra seats. This time, I used an offer from Groupon and paid $25.00 per ticket.



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