Creamy Bistro Linguini

I love eating out, and when I eat out, I almost always order pasta because it's one of my absolute favorite dishes. One of my favorite pasta dishes is from Cheesecake Factory, because everything they make is delicious. [This one is extremely high in calories, I think it was named worst dish to order in… Continue reading Creamy Bistro Linguini


Pesto Veggie Lasagna

This was literally an experiment gone kind of right. I had to make something for a potluck and really wanted to do a white lasagna. But the recipes I found were just a tad boring, so I put my own mind to use and kind of threw in a bunch of things, and it was… Continue reading Pesto Veggie Lasagna


Tandoori Chicken Burger Recipe

I've never cooked ground chicken before. (Hard to believe, right!) And I am attempting to cook a bit leaner in the house on account of all of us need to be a bit health-conscious after a long summer full of stuffing our faces with all kinds of fatty goodness. So I decided on cooking lean… Continue reading Tandoori Chicken Burger Recipe


Five Easy Weeknight Meals

What should I make for dinner today? I am confident I ask myself this at least 20 times a day. The process of deciding what to cook for dinner can at times be such a rigorous, thorough selection, you'd think I were picking out a car. Tell me if this sounds familiar.¬†You pick up your… Continue reading Five Easy Weeknight Meals


Chicken Pastry Puffs

I love, love making this recipe. It's easy, quick and the perfect grab-on-the-go kind of snack. Not to mention, my kids eat it!! Ingredients 1lb chicken breast cubes 1 TSP tomato paste 1/2 cup mixed frozen vegetables 1/2 white onion, chopped Salt, Pepper, Pinch of Paprika Splash Heavy cream 1 box Peppridge Farm Puff Pastry… Continue reading Chicken Pastry Puffs

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How I Cook [With Toddlers]

How do you cook at home with a toddler? The other day I was asked this question by a frustrated parent who has a daughter the same age as my daughter Ridha (2.5 years). She and I were talking about cooking meals at home in a rush, and she finally just threw her hands up… Continue reading How I Cook [With Toddlers]