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Toddler Hacks: Healthy Eating

I recently attended a small seminar on "Nutrition & Tips For Picky Eaters" presented by a fellow mom who is a RD (Registered Dietician) at my daughter Ridha's preschool. We asked all kinds of questions about how to get our toddlers eating healthier foods, how to cook for picky eaters, how to shop for foods,… Continue reading Toddler Hacks: Healthy Eating

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Toddler Meals & Snacks

Planning out meals for my toddlers is more challenging than ever now that they have reached a very, very picky stage of their life. Gone are the days that feeding meant child opening mouth while I stuffed it with whatever I made. Now it's sort of an experiment each time and I can either hit… Continue reading Toddler Meals & Snacks