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Mummy, Are you a Princess?

I had a lovely mummy moment today with my toddler [2.5 year old] who never ceases to surprise me. We were out trying to find me an outfit to wear to an upcoming wedding. We had gone to a nearby boutique filled with exclusive, heavy, Indian couture party wear. I was led into a fitting… Continue reading Mummy, Are you a Princess?

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Nursery: Six Weeks Later

It's been six weeks since my daughter Ridha Zaynab took her very first steps into her new classroom at her nursery. That first day will always be a solid memory imprinted on my heart. It was also during that time that I thought Ridha would never like nursery or settle in. I can't tell you… Continue reading Nursery: Six Weeks Later

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How I Cook [With Toddlers]

How do you cook at home with a toddler? The other day I was asked this question by a frustrated parent who has a daughter the same age as my daughter Ridha (2.5 years). She and I were talking about cooking meals at home in a rush, and she finally just threw her hands up… Continue reading How I Cook [With Toddlers]

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First Day of Nursery

Disclaimer: I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but I write all this so that I can remember it. Happy Reading!  The Night Before... I am transported to years of going through the motions of getting ready the night before my first day of school. The same anticipatory jitters and marking off items… Continue reading First Day of Nursery

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Before You Start Nursery

Seven days left before you start your very first nursery. As a mother... I've been wishing for it, praying it comes soon, anticipating it, but also I've been dreading it, delaying it, and praying it doesn't come too soon. I keep imagining that first day, the first week, and the first time you realize that… Continue reading Before You Start Nursery

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Mummy, Are You My Friend?

  "Mummy, are you Ridha's friend?" Tonight at bedtime, my daughters and I were going through the motions of our bedtime routine. We were reading our storybook, when suddenly my eldest daughter, Ridha turns to me and says, "Mummy, tum Ridha ki friend ho?" which translates to: "Mummy, are you Ridha's friend?" [She uses third… Continue reading Mummy, Are You My Friend?