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A Day Out: Adventure Aquarium

Winter has arrived! And with it comes harsh weather patterns, stormy nights, early darkness and of course bundling up your little ones with hats, mittens, boots and packing them up to take them out because they've had enough cabin fever. When one has toddlers, one does not stay at home for too long, as they… Continue reading A Day Out: Adventure Aquarium

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First Day of Nursery

Disclaimer: I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but I write all this so that I can remember it. Happy Reading!  The Night Before... I am transported to years of going through the motions of getting ready the night before my first day of school. The same anticipatory jitters and marking off items… Continue reading First Day of Nursery


Boston Part II: Activities for Toddlers

Things To Do [With toddlers] So normally we would tackle all the touristy sites and attractions in a short trip like this [two days], however now that we are a family of four, we decided to keep the kiddos in mind when planning out our days, trying to balance a good amount of sightseeing as… Continue reading Boston Part II: Activities for Toddlers


Boston Trip Part I: The Drive, Accommodations and Dining

It's become a family tradition to take some sort of road trip on the long Labor Day Weekend. One last summer vacay before reality and the cold hits. This year my family decided to take a road trip to Boston to visit the historic sites, walk around the thriving city and take in views of… Continue reading Boston Trip Part I: The Drive, Accommodations and Dining

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Before You Start Nursery

Seven days left before you start your very first nursery. As a mother... I've been wishing for it, praying it comes soon, anticipating it, but also I've been dreading it, delaying it, and praying it doesn't come too soon. I keep imagining that first day, the first week, and the first time you realize that… Continue reading Before You Start Nursery