Raising Muslim Kids

The Start of School

Beginning in September, we were bracing ourselves for a brand new year of school and basically the girls' first experience of attending a semi-normal school experience. The last year (2020-2021 school year) had been all remote until April, when the girls actually did begin going in person [for the first time ever.] That lasted two… Continue reading The Start of School

Party Planning

Rabab’s 4th Birthday (During COVID-19 Summer)

It's that time of year again, time for another birthday party. The last birthday party we threw was Ridha's 5th birthday back in January, right before all of this happened. Now it seems like an impossible endeavor.. an indoor party, at a public place, where socially distancing was nothing but a fantasy. (See this post… Continue reading Rabab’s 4th Birthday (During COVID-19 Summer)