Party Planning

Amina’s 2nd Ballerina Birthday

We celebrated Amina's second birthday super simple at home, just us and cake. Amina is the definition of a COVID child, she's never had a big shindig for her birthdays in all her two years. Well, this year she did have one request: "a ballerina birthday". And that is exactly what she got. We didn't… Continue reading Amina’s 2nd Ballerina Birthday

Party Planning

Ridha’s 7th Mermaid PJ Party

Another year, another birthday party to plan. When I asked Ridha what kind of birthday she wanted to have, she said a PJ party same as last year. She had a winter themed PJ party- not to be confused with "Frozen" because she is completely over the Frozen Fever. I wanted to make this intimate… Continue reading Ridha’s 7th Mermaid PJ Party

Party Planning

Ridha’s 5th Birthday – Trampoline Park

To celebrate Ridha's fifth birthday, we bounced around different ideas. I was pretty much set on not celebrating her birthday this January because a) It's too cold and b) I didn't want to break the bank. But my husband was pretty intent on celebrating since it is a milestone, and he thought it would be… Continue reading Ridha’s 5th Birthday – Trampoline Park


Kid’s Closet Organization

It's the beginning of Fall, which means a huge swap in clothing for the kiddos as we move into cooler climates. I needed to makeover the kids' closet so badly, and in my desperation, I forgot to capture the 'before' image of their closet. But trust me when I say, it was in pretty bad… Continue reading Kid’s Closet Organization


Atlantis Bahamas: [Muslim] Family Guide

Okay, so here's a truth. I went on vacation with my family, had an amazing [unplugged] time with my husband and little ones, but let me tell you...I never stopped blogging. I was blogging in my head the entire time. Taking mental notes, soaking up the details and organizing my thoughts especially for this blog… Continue reading Atlantis Bahamas: [Muslim] Family Guide