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Amina’s 2nd Ballerina Birthday

We celebrated Amina's second birthday super simple at home, just us and cake. Amina is the definition of a COVID child, she's never had a big shindig for her birthdays in all her two years. Well, this year she did have one request: "a ballerina birthday". And that is exactly what she got. We didn't… Continue reading Amina’s 2nd Ballerina Birthday

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Ridha’s 7th Mermaid PJ Party

Another year, another birthday party to plan. When I asked Ridha what kind of birthday she wanted to have, she said a PJ party same as last year. She had a winter themed PJ party- not to be confused with "Frozen" because she is completely over the Frozen Fever. I wanted to make this intimate… Continue reading Ridha’s 7th Mermaid PJ Party

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Rabab’s 5th Elmo Party

Rabab turned five over the summer, and we had an Elmo birthday for her...again! When Rabab was two, she loved Elmo so we decided to throw her an Elmo birthday. She had been looking at pictures of her second birthday party, and I think that convinced her she wanted another one. I was thrilled because… Continue reading Rabab’s 5th Elmo Party

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Rabab’s 4th Birthday (During COVID-19 Summer)

It's that time of year again, time for another birthday party. The last birthday party we threw was Ridha's 5th birthday back in January, right before all of this happened. Now it seems like an impossible endeavor.. an indoor party, at a public place, where socially distancing was nothing but a fantasy. (See this post… Continue reading Rabab’s 4th Birthday (During COVID-19 Summer)

Party Planning

Ridha’s 5th Birthday – Trampoline Park

To celebrate Ridha's fifth birthday, we bounced around different ideas. I was pretty much set on not celebrating her birthday this January because a) It's too cold and b) I didn't want to break the bank. But my husband was pretty intent on celebrating since it is a milestone, and he thought it would be… Continue reading Ridha’s 5th Birthday – Trampoline Park

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Board & Brush Birthday

Every year for the past couple of years, I try to organize a night out with a bunch of my girl friends so that we can do a really fun activity together, and make it memorable. Because of babies and parenting and our incredibly busy lives, this is something we absolutely look forward to each… Continue reading Board & Brush Birthday