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Screen-Free Holidays

Okay, let's be real. I am not a mom who doesn't allow any screen time for my children. In fact, I depend on it to keep going and completing things off my check list of the day. I'm perfectly aware that little to no screen time is recommended for toddlers, but let's face it. From the… Continue reading Screen-Free Holidays

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A Day Out: Adventure Aquarium

Winter has arrived! And with it comes harsh weather patterns, stormy nights, early darkness and of course bundling up your little ones with hats, mittens, boots and packing them up to take them out because they've had enough cabin fever. When one has toddlers, one does not stay at home for too long, as they… Continue reading A Day Out: Adventure Aquarium

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Lying to Our Children

There is something that has been bugging me and I battled with the idea of writing this post to share, but now I'm certain that I need to get it off my chest.  And the best way I know how is to write. Let me set the scene for you, since this one has taken… Continue reading Lying to Our Children

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17 Months and Counting…

Today I realized that my youngest daughter, Rabab Fatima, is the same age [17 months] that my eldest [Ridha Zaynab] was when we welcomed Rabab into this world. I'm not sure why it is so hard to fathom. Seeing my walking, talking toddler now, it just seems unreal. I don't know about you, but despite… Continue reading 17 Months and Counting…

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Toddler Hacks: Healthy Eating

I recently attended a small seminar on "Nutrition & Tips For Picky Eaters" presented by a fellow mom who is a RD (Registered Dietician) at my daughter Ridha's preschool. We asked all kinds of questions about how to get our toddlers eating healthier foods, how to cook for picky eaters, how to shop for foods,… Continue reading Toddler Hacks: Healthy Eating

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Mummy, Are you a Princess?

I had a lovely mummy moment today with my toddler [2.5 year old] who never ceases to surprise me. We were out trying to find me an outfit to wear to an upcoming wedding. We had gone to a nearby boutique filled with exclusive, heavy, Indian couture party wear. I was led into a fitting… Continue reading Mummy, Are you a Princess?