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6 Gifts For a Three Year Old Under $50

I don't think anyone is more excited for Ridha Zaynab's birthday than I. I've been planning this day, trying my best to make it extra special for her, since we are not having a big birthday party this year. So instead, I did some black Friday shopping and got her a bunch of gifts that… Continue reading 6 Gifts For a Three Year Old Under $50

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A Nice Dose of Mommy Guilt

Okay, so this post is all thanks to a video montage that Google created to remind us of all the lovely moments of my children growing up in the last three years, moving us to tears. ┬áThe timing is kind of perfect since my first born turns 3 years old tomorrow, and naturally I'm feeling… Continue reading A Nice Dose of Mommy Guilt

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A Day Out: Please Touch Museum

To continue our staycation this new year's, we visited the Please Touch Children's Museum of Philadelphia. Like several other parents, who were fighting the cold weather, looking for something warm, indoors and kid-friendly, we found ourselves in a super-crowded museum on new year's eve. But it was still quite enjoyable, and our kids loved it.… Continue reading A Day Out: Please Touch Museum

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Sesame Place: A Very Furry Christmas

Holidays in Sesame Park...Great for little ones! This year for the holidays, we decided to do another staycation, just like last year, and ended up choosing Pennsylvania yet again. Instead of staying in Philadelphia like last year, we stayed in Langhorne, PA right across from Sesame Place. My girls are at an age where they… Continue reading Sesame Place: A Very Furry Christmas

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Potty Training: The 3 Day Method Worked For Us!

I've thought about potty training since before my daughter Ridha turned 2 years old. It's been a topic of discussion in our home, and I along with everyone wondered when she would finally be fully potty-trained. I did try it a few times for about a year, and just gave up on it because I… Continue reading Potty Training: The 3 Day Method Worked For Us!

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Butterfly Themed 1st Birthday Party

I recently attended a first birthday party for my good friend's daughter, and was blown away by the sweet backyard butterfly-themed party decor. It was a wonderful first birthday, and my girls enjoyed it so much. And because I love to blog about beautiful things, I asked my friend Sara, and she kindly agreed. Butterfly… Continue reading Butterfly Themed 1st Birthday Party