Raising Muslim Kids, Toddler

Toddler Storytime [At the Mosque]

A little over a year ago, I began to feel overwhelmed with having two toddlers at home. I began escaping the house to find suitable, intriguing activities to keep them occupied, because the days were long and my energy was dwindling. Mostly I would take them to the local library (lucky me I have several… Continue reading Toddler Storytime [At the Mosque]

Raising Muslim Kids, Toddler

Our First DIY Ramadan Deeds Calender

Ramadan is such a special time of year, and now that my girls are old enough to understand basic concepts, I wanted to do something very special for them. After getting into the blogging sphere, I have found so many wonderful accounts and bloggers to follow for beautiful inspiration. One of the ideas that I… Continue reading Our First DIY Ramadan Deeds Calender

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Why Preschool at 2.5 was the Right Choice

We began our daughter Ridha Zaynab's preschool when she just turned two and a half. The truth is ever since Ridha turned 2 years old, it became challenging to keep her content with enough to do at home, especially since I had her younger sister to take care of too. Being a stay-at-home-parent, the duties… Continue reading Why Preschool at 2.5 was the Right Choice

Motherhood, Toddler

Tips for Cleaning a Car Seat

If you're a parent, you've had your fair share of messy blowouts in the car. Well, this winter, my littlest had two episodes of car sickness, and let's just say the car seat was a disaster. Since it's winter, she was in several layers, and it was morning so all that came out was her… Continue reading Tips for Cleaning a Car Seat

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A Day Out: Crayola Factory

This was our very first visit to Crayola Factory, located just on the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Everyone knows and loves Crayola products, and who knew that they were made right here on the East Coast. Over the weekend, we visited the Crayola Factory with my cousins, and had a wonderful time. This… Continue reading A Day Out: Crayola Factory

Motherhood, Toddler

These New Parental Lenses

I'm always pleasantly surprised every time I learn something new. About myself. About my children. And mostly about this parenting thing. Today I was reflecting on how much my view point has dramatically changed now that I've been a parent for almost 3 years (yikes!). And what I've noticed is how things disturb me way… Continue reading These New Parental Lenses