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The Start of School

Beginning in September, we were bracing ourselves for a brand new year of school and basically the girls' first experience of attending a semi-normal school experience. The last year (2020-2021 school year) had been all remote until April, when the girls actually did begin going in person [for the first time ever.] That lasted two… Continue reading The Start of School

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Trip to Iran with Preschoolers Part II

Traveling anywhere with kids is always...interesting. We have our own predictions of what we have observed in the past, combined with visions of how everything should go according to all your preparations. But I don't think anything can prepare you for what really happens! This post is dedicated to my observations and how our trip to… Continue reading Trip to Iran with Preschoolers Part II

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Trip to Iran with Preschoolers Part I: Travel/Accomodations

When I began writing this post, I almost typed Trip to Iran with Babies, then quickly corrected myself. I no longer travel with babies! I can't even call them toddlers because there's nothing toddler-ish about them anymore. What to call these little ladies?? Well, I'll stick with preschoolers, as that seems to be the most appropriate… Continue reading Trip to Iran with Preschoolers Part I: Travel/Accomodations

Raising Muslim Kids

Special Ramadan Storytime at Preschool

This was the first year that I mustered up the courage to volunteer a special Ramadan Storytime at my daughters' daycare [Preschool]. With the political climate, it's always a scary step to take to introduce our religious traditions in a non-Muslim setting, but also it's so crucial. For me, this is not something new. I distinctly… Continue reading Special Ramadan Storytime at Preschool

Raising Muslim Kids

Screen-free and Surviving It

Today, I am happy to report, was a screen-free day in our household, after a very very long time. It was a normal,┬álazy Sunday in our home, and we had no plans. Normally, our weekdays are packed with preschool, chores, and our daily routine. Weekends are busy with social outings, and then Sunday is for… Continue reading Screen-free and Surviving It

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Introducing Junior PreK: Sunday School Class

It wasn't long ago that I was approached to lead a class for the children who didn't qualify for PreK at our local Sunday school. The main driving factor for me to commit to anything is always my children. The fact that both my children would be able to participate in this class, well that's… Continue reading Introducing Junior PreK: Sunday School Class