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6 Gifts For a Three Year Old Under $50

I don't think anyone is more excited for Ridha Zaynab's birthday than I. I've been planning this day, trying my best to make it extra special for her, since we are not having a big birthday party this year. So instead, I did some black Friday shopping and got her a bunch of gifts that… Continue reading 6 Gifts For a Three Year Old Under $50

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Butterfly Themed 1st Birthday Party

I recently attended a first birthday party for my good friend's daughter, and was blown away by the sweet backyard butterfly-themed party decor. It was a wonderful first birthday, and my girls enjoyed it so much. And because I love to blog about beautiful things, I asked my friend Sara, and she kindly agreed. Butterfly… Continue reading Butterfly Themed 1st Birthday Party

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Rabab’s First Birthday Iftar

My second baby girl was born in the Holy month of Ramadan 2016, and so to celebrate her Islamic birthday, my husband and I decided to host a very informal and intimate birthday iftar [opening of a fast in Ramadan] to celebrate her first birthday. We invited some of our closest friends, barbecued casually on… Continue reading Rabab’s First Birthday Iftar

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Umbrella Themed Baby Shower

My first baby shower ended up being cancelled because my first born arrived just three days before the scheduled date. This time around, I was blessed enough to have the baby shower of my dreams. Since my due date was in July, we had planned the shower way before this time for the month of… Continue reading Umbrella Themed Baby Shower

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Second Birthday: Goldilocks

For my first born Ridha Zaynab's second birthday party, I couldn't help but put her favorite bedtime story into a beautiful theme for her party. Ridha has been obsessed with reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears, every night. Every. Night. For the past year, we have religiously read this story, so much that I have… Continue reading Second Birthday: Goldilocks