Transitioning to Mom of Two

Many of my friends and cousins have begun their transition into second time moms, and they often question me on how it was when I had my second baby girl. It is difficult to put it into words without going into a full on essay. But I must say, the more moms who are having… Continue reading Transitioning to Mom of Two


Thinking about Death More

In Islam, we are encouraged to think often about death. Our Holy Prophet Mohammad has said "Most intellectual of man is he who remembers the death most." If you're like me, you may wonder why we would be asked to think about death? I have wondered that too. Why would anyone want to think of death? It's… Continue reading Thinking about Death More


Early Days of Motherhood

Becoming a mother is one of life's greatest gifts, but it's also one of the strangest times in a parent's life. As women, we aren't really well-versed in the job description of a mother. I think that I was most shocked at how much time I needed to devote to an infant, day and night.… Continue reading Early Days of Motherhood

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Tips for Cleaning a Car Seat

If you're a parent, you've had your fair share of messy blowouts in the car. Well, this winter, my littlest had two episodes of car sickness, and let's just say the car seat was a disaster. Since it's winter, she was in several layers, and it was morning so all that came out was her… Continue reading Tips for Cleaning a Car Seat

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These New Parental Lenses

I'm always pleasantly surprised every time I learn something new. About myself. About my children. And mostly about this parenting thing. Today I was reflecting on how much my view point has dramatically changed now that I've been a parent for almost 3 years (yikes!). And what I've noticed is how things disturb me way… Continue reading These New Parental Lenses

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6 Gifts For a Three Year Old Under $50

I don't think anyone is more excited for Ridha Zaynab's birthday than I. I've been planning this day, trying my best to make it extra special for her, since we are not having a big birthday party this year. So instead, I did some black Friday shopping and got her a bunch of gifts that… Continue reading 6 Gifts For a Three Year Old Under $50