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Ridha’s 5th Birthday – Trampoline Park

To celebrate Ridha's fifth birthday, we bounced around different ideas. I was pretty much set on not celebrating her birthday this January because a) It's too cold and b) I didn't want to break the bank. But my husband was pretty intent on celebrating since it is a milestone, and he thought it would be… Continue reading Ridha’s 5th Birthday – Trampoline Park

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Board & Brush Birthday

Every year for the past couple of years, I try to organize a night out with a bunch of my girl friends so that we can do a really fun activity together, and make it memorable. Because of babies and parenting and our incredibly busy lives, this is something we absolutely look forward to each… Continue reading Board & Brush Birthday


Winter Staycation: ICE! Grinch Exhibit

Like every year, I was planning a winter staycation and honestly couldn't figure out where or if we should go anywhere. I was just planning to give birth in October, then be homebound for at least 6 months before traveling or taking baby anywhere, especially in the cold. But my husband had visited MD for… Continue reading Winter Staycation: ICE! Grinch Exhibit

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Trip to Iran with Preschoolers Part II

Traveling anywhere with kids is always...interesting. We have our own predictions of what we have observed in the past, combined with visions of how everything should go according to all your preparations. But I don't think anything can prepare you for what really happens! This post is dedicated to my observations and how our trip to… Continue reading Trip to Iran with Preschoolers Part II

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Trip to Iran with Preschoolers Part I: Travel/Accomodations

When I began writing this post, I almost typed Trip to Iran with Babies, then quickly corrected myself. I no longer travel with babies! I can't even call them toddlers because there's nothing toddler-ish about them anymore. What to call these little ladies?? Well, I'll stick with preschoolers, as that seems to be the most appropriate… Continue reading Trip to Iran with Preschoolers Part I: Travel/Accomodations