Atlantis Bahamas Trip II – 2022

After four years, we made another trip to Atlantis Bahamas this summer as our big family trip and I'm so excited to share the details! I remembered much of our last trip since it was the trip of our dreams for the last couple of years when traveling back there just wasn't possible due to… Continue reading Atlantis Bahamas Trip II – 2022


Reflections of a Third Time & Covid Child Mom

Since September began and both my school-going girls snuggled into a routine of getting up-breakfast-school-home-eat-homework-sleep-school (The constant go-go-go life is another topic of its own), I found myself sliding back into my role as a mom who needed to plan out activities all week long to keep my toddler occupied. I've been here before, granted… Continue reading Reflections of a Third Time & Covid Child Mom

Raising Muslim Kids

The Start of School

Beginning in September, we were bracing ourselves for a brand new year of school and basically the girls' first experience of attending a semi-normal school experience. The last year (2020-2021 school year) had been all remote until April, when the girls actually did begin going in person [for the first time ever.] That lasted two… Continue reading The Start of School

Party Planning

Amina’s 2nd Ballerina Birthday

We celebrated Amina's second birthday super simple at home, just us and cake. Amina is the definition of a COVID child, she's never had a big shindig for her birthdays in all her two years. Well, this year she did have one request: "a ballerina birthday". And that is exactly what she got. We didn't… Continue reading Amina’s 2nd Ballerina Birthday