Atlantis Bahamas Trip II – 2022

After four years, we made another trip to Atlantis Bahamas this summer as our big family trip and I’m so excited to share the details! I remembered much of our last trip since it was the trip of our dreams for the last couple of years when traveling back there just wasn’t possible due to the pandemic. But this year, we finally felt like we could make the trip, and despite some hurdles, we did make it!

Waiting at JFK airport

We had booked four days at the Atlantis resort in Bahamas during a President’s days weekend flash sale, so we had months to plan. But due to this pandemic, I never had a concrete feeling that we were going until literally the night before. The Bahamas dismissed any Covid requirements just days before we left. And the US did the same early in June.

Some treats from Baked by Melissa at airport

Our last trip had been in 2018 when the girls were 3.5 years and 2 years old, and Abbas and I had planned that if we were ever to return to the Bahamas for a vacation, we would stay at the Reef. And we were so glad that we did! Check it out…

2018 trip with toddlers

Stay at the Reef, Atlantis Resort

Last time we had stayed at the Royal, mainly because we had wanted to stay near all the kids activities and traveling with a double stroller was easier access to the waterparks. But that’s about it, the Royal towers were outdated and not packed with many amenities.

The Reef is a little bit of a walk from the main waterpark, but very doable. We liked that it’s far enough away that it’s a bit quieter and less crowded. It’s newer, and the amenities included kitchenettes fully stocked in all the suites and free washers/dryers for use of Reef guests.

Walking out of the Reef looking at the Cove
Double Bed suite
Kitchenette – plates, cutlery, dishwasher, two fridges

Dining at Atlantis

So when we stayed the last time, we had no idea how much we’d actually spend, but we had read about dining not being cheap. So we brought a bunch of snacks and a box of cereal that the kids ate everyday, and the cutlery/bowls in the room helped so much. We also really enjoy eating at the buffets, and at Atlantis, children under 3 eat free at buffets. So what we ended up doing was having a buffet for either breakfast or dinner, and skipping out on lunch. There are two buffet restaurants at Atlantis: Mosaic and Poseidon’s, one located at the Royal (slightly more affordable) and one at the Cove.

Breakfast Buffet at Poseidon’s

Atlantis is known for its fine dining, but we didn’t want to overspend and kids don’t really eat much anyway, so we only ate at the one restaurant we wanted to visit again which was Chop Stix, and it was delicious. We also visited Sun & Ice at the Coral a couple times for their yummy gelato.

Sun and Ice
Sun and ice

The last time we had stayed, we had been given a $200 dining credit for booking and after that, we ended up spending $800 for five days, but then again both our kids were 3 and under. Now with four persons eating, we spent close to $1,000 for four days of dining. There were more affordable options of eating out that we just didn’t get time to try, and it was more convenient to sit at a buffet and quickly get food because wait times were long when we ate at a sit-down.

We didn’t try any of the halal dining this time around, just stuck to vegetarian or seafood. The kids mostly ate pasta, pizza, bread and salads every night. Overall, I don’t think the food is a problem, yes it’s pricey but if you know that ahead of time then you can work it into your budget!

Fun Activities at Atlantis

When I compared the daily activities list to four years ago, the resort now offers way less than it used to. The resort shows movies at the theater and by the pool at scheduled times daily, and excursions like swimming with dolphins which we did not try. We stuck to a pretty consistent routine of breakfast, beach, pool and waterpark then back to the room for rest/movies/snacks then dinner. Besides that we walked around the resort plenty, admiring all the sea life and even saw a shark feeding. We rode the resort shuttle bus and walked down to the marina. It was kind of nice not having to rush to anything like dining reservations or excursion appointments.

Reef Beach
Sea life
Balcony in our room

Post Covid Feels

I’m trying to think of how our vacation was affected post pandemic, and it was mainly in the delays at the airports both flying in and out. For many reasons, the airplanes arriving are always delayed, making our own flight delayed also. When departing from Nassau, we arrived very early using the ground transport recommended by Atlantis, and we were one of the first ones to arrive at the airport.

Tip: Check in before arriving at the airport, so that all you need to do is bag drop. We skipped a huge line because we checked in everyone ahead of time.

We never felt that the resort was too crowded, or severely understaffed either. The only time we had an unusually long wait time was while eating at Chop stix. It seemed to be a full staff, but the service was incredibly slow. The Reef seemed to have a lot more families with a bit older kids, but we did see plenty of smaller children families as well as adults only since the Cove is right next door. It was extremely hot in June, the sun was blazing and whenever it was cloudy it did not rain for more than 10 minutes.

All in all we had an amazing time and so happy that the kids enjoyed it much more this time around since they were able to actually use the water slides at the waterpark. They enjoyed every part of the resort, even the constant walking and exploring. I would definitely recommend the Reef if staying with family!

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2 thoughts on “Atlantis Bahamas Trip II – 2022”

  1. AoA. We are traveling to Atlantis for a week with my 10 and 11 year old boy and so glad to have found your blog. So gave us a lot of pointers and we have booked the Reef based on your feedback and earlier post of your first stay at the Royal. Also addresses the Halal question we had and think we will stick to seafood as we are not sure where we will dine so cannot call ahead and inform them. Having said that I have a question and wanted your help. So was wondering if you guys ventured outside Atlantis and toured the island, if so (i) any recommendations on what all to see and where to eat (ii) can you advise us on transportation. Heard Taxis price gouge and I dont want to be haggling or be stranded out on the island somewhere. Was thinking about renting a car but then it come out to approximately $100 a day…not sure if we should or not. PLUS I read that parking is an issue on the island and driving is crazy. Any advise would be highly appreciated and any additional nugget drops would also be appreciated. JazakAllah.

    1. WS and thank you so much for the kind words. It always makes me happy to help even one person with my post!

      To answer your question- we never ventured out much on the island. Just once back in 2018 we took a Shopping tour which was free from Atlantis. The ferry took us to the main island (you will pass this on your drive to Atlantis when you arrive so you can get a feel for the island). There wasn’t really much to see there & we got kind of bored. I do hear there is much more to see deeper in Bahamas, but I think it is not near Atlantis. I would do research on TripAdvisor or Yelp and read reviews for trustworthy resources. Anyways, for us we only had 4-5 days and the resort is so large that it kept us occupied for those days. And post-Covid unfortunately the resort doesn’t offer as many activities as they once used to, everything is an up charge or extra cost.
      Best of luck to you & please do tell me how your vacation was!!

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