Party Planning

Ridha’s 7th Mermaid PJ Party

Another year, another birthday party to plan. When I asked Ridha what kind of birthday she wanted to have, she said a PJ party same as last year. She had a winter themed PJ party- not to be confused with “Frozen” because she is completely over the Frozen Fever.

I wanted to make this intimate girls party special, but of course under a budget. I had used Events by Anya for an intimate party over the summer, and I was so impressed by her glamorous tent set ups that I knew six months ago that I wanted to use her again for Ridha’s birthday. Since it’s a winter birthday, we have to get creative about how to keep things fun!

Mermaid Themed Tent Decor

Events by Anya is a local gem, a one-stop shop for all things party-planning. Anya will personalize each detail and fits every budget. I chose the tent package which is for four kids, keeping in mind that the girls can share with each other since we had more than four girls. The only girls who actually slept overnight in the tents were my daughters, so it worked out just fine. The girls were so excited when they saw the finished set-up, I mean how cute!

Events by Anya

The party decor consisted of past birthday banners, streamers, party hats and bows, I honestly used every bit of decorations that I already had stored. It helped that old frozen decorations and mermaid theme all have turquoise and lavender! The only items I bought were a plastic mermaid table cover, cups, and plates (Michaels).

Mermaid plates, cups, table cover $22.66

The cake was from Blue Sheep Bake Shop, which we used back in the summer for Rabab’s Elmo birthday and I just loved this bakery’s taste, freshness and of course their beautifully decorated cakes. Ridha chose her own red velvet cake from a couple of different designs they had. This bakery needs plenty of advanced notice for a custom cake, but the good thing is that they always have signature cakes available for order, like this one.

Red velvet and buttercream Mermaid cake $74.95

Activities at the party were glitter tattoos, nail polish, and a fun ocean craft, girls decorated their own mermaid tails and sea horses. We had pizza, pasta salad, fruit punch and s’mores! The girls watched half hour of TV while snuggling on the tents, and then took home a treat bag with really cute mermaid pens and notepads. Wish I had a photo of it!

Mermaid crafts

Mermaid Themed PJ Party Cost Breakdown:

Events by Anya Tent set-up $320
Cake $74.95
Glitter Tattoos $6.99
Nail polish $11.46
Tableware $22.66
Treat bags $25
Pizza $37.97
Total: $499.03

And there you have it! A fun, intimate PJ party under $500. It was definitely memorable, and we even slept in the tents together which was a treat for the girls! I really enjoy planning the girls’ birthday parties without the stress of it now. And one key element is listening to the kid! Giving her some autonomy with choices does take a load off of me, and everyone’s happy in the end.

What’s your favorite part of planning parties? For me it’s setting up everything and enjoying that moment before everyone arrives, when everything is pretty & untouched! Share yours below!

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