Girls Room Makeover

During October of 2020, I took on a project that’s very dear to my heart- a new bedroom for my girls. It was definitely time for a makeover, but the main reason for doing it then is because up until October, the girls were sleeping on one queen bed. This was such a fun project and totally not gonna lie- it is the bedroom of my [childhood] dreams!

So we never really sleep trained the girls to fall asleep on their own. Their nightly routine consisted of myself laying in between them, we would read together and then shut the lights and I stayed until both were asleep. It was tiring (especially during the time I was expecting) but I knew that this phase doesn’t last forever. I didn’t quite know how I would get them to sleep there on their own, but it would be a start.

@kimpatelinteriors One example of an instagram inspo room.

The first thing I did was gather some inspiration on Instagram and googling images of little girl bedrooms. I basically searched twin bedrooms because that’s essentially what I was looking for- rooms with twin beds or bunk beds. I decided against bunk beds simply because I was afraid that in the middle of the night, whoever was on the top bunk couldn’t get down in time to make it to the bathroom.

After that, it was all about ordering each item. It was still COVID time and girls were in (online) school so I didn’t have much time to go into stores to do physical shopping. I ordered a lot of things online, and I will list everything below.

Room Details

  • Wall art, flowers – Hobby Lobby, Target
  • Wall hooks – Target (Bought them a long time ago)
  • Book Shelf – Target
  • Bedding set – Macy’s
  • Hijabi artwork – @SKBillustrations
  • Rug – RugsUSA
  • Mattresses twin pack of 2- Costco
  • Bed/Dresser set – Birch Lane
Twin beds from Birch Lane

We ordered beds from Birch Lane and assembled all the furniture including a chest of drawers and night stand at home, it took a couple of hours each night for one week. This time I kept everything sort of neutral colored, opposite from the original green and dark brown tones. I was very happy with the how everything turned out, but MOST happy that my girls began sleeping in their own beds [with no help] beginning that very first night. That was a shocker for us, we were not expecting them to transition so instantly.

Hope you enjoyed reading! Would love to hear from you, comment below šŸ™‚

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