Party Planning

Rabab’s 5th Elmo Party

Rabab turned five over the summer, and we had an Elmo birthday for her…again! When Rabab was two, she loved Elmo so we decided to throw her an Elmo birthday. She had been looking at pictures of her second birthday party, and I think that convinced her she wanted another one. I was thrilled because I saved all of the stuff from her second birthday and honestly how many times can you reuse Sesame street decor?

If you’ve been reading any of my birthday party posts, you know that each year I throw more and more simple parties for the kids. This year was no different. I reused a bunch of decor from previous birthdays, and tried to save wherever I could. I hired Princeton Balloon Crew to make a nice rainbow balloon garland, that I was able to use for two parties this summer. And since she’s my neighbor, I really wanted to support her business. The cake was absolutely delicious! We ordered an elmo cake from Blue Sheep Bakery and couldn’t be more pleased with the freshness and smooth buttercream. And for food we just had pizza and cold cut sandwiches. The biggest expense which is the main thing each year is the bounce house, which we don’t mind since it is a summer birthday and I doubt the kids will always want it! But for now they always look forward to jumping in there, and here’s a little secret- so do i!

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