Party Planning

Rabab’s 4th Birthday (During COVID-19 Summer)

It’s that time of year again, time for another birthday party. The last birthday party we threw was Ridha’s 5th birthday back in January, right before all of this happened. Now it seems like an impossible endeavor.. an indoor party, at a public place, where socially distancing was nothing but a fantasy. (See this post for Ridha’s 5th Trampoline park birthday party.) Rabab’s birthday which falls in July, is our one summer birthday. The only birthday so far that we happily do outside. Although, in the past weather hasn’t really cooperated with us, I mean NJ + July = Hottest temperatures of the year, which also leads to a lot of rainy and humid days.

This year, we decided to do a very small birthday party, keeping in line with the safety measures the state is allowing which is outdoor gatherings of 50 or less. Mostly everyone is doing drive-by birthdays or none at all, and that is totally understandable. But after months of staying away, we desperately wanted to see some friends. Keeping our guests super limited was key, and we managed to have just 15 adults and 10 kids.

Keeping our party at a low budget is definitely a priority, for both my husband and myself. I feel like now, the kids are older, and they would much rather just have fun and be with their friends and cousins. I asked Rabab for a theme, and kept the party very simple. She wanted a Princess Belle birthday, so we incorporated Belle into the cake and her own dress/tiara. Besides that, I repurposed decorations from previous parties, and to be honest I did not do a lot at all. It was a VERY hot day, and this was all I could manage: some streamers, a colorful table cover, and a Disney princess centerpiece.

I’ll break down the entire budget for this birthday so you can see what it all cost. At the end of the day, the two things all the kids enjoyed the most were the big, extra bouncy castle and the ice cream truck which drove by and served up yummy ice cream on a very hot day.

Budget Details:

  • Party decor: Castle centerpiece, Princess plates, cups, napkins, treat bags.
    Party City (online) – $39.06
  • Bouncy Castle Sparkle Combo – $426.50
  • Ice Cream Truck – $100
  • Pizza $120

Total: $685.56

*Cake was homemade, and some snacks were purchased from Costco.

I find myself stress-free and able to enjoy the company much more when parties are kept simple. There’s less pressure on us to make sure it’s all perfect and enjoyed by guests. A backyard birthday, great weather, happy kids and happy guests. That is the formula. And it never fails!

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