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And we’re back!

Hello! And welcome back to my blog, SweetDreamer! I’m so excited to welcome you back here and begin posting blogs again. It’s been just under two years since I last posted, funnily enough my last post was about expecting a third baby..and now she’s a 2 year old! But I’m happy to say that I’ll be writing blog posts again, because I truly missed it.

I stopped posting back in 2020 mainly due to COVID and all the things that happened subsequently. I was about five months post-partum when COVID was serious in March 2020. My children went from being in daycare/gym five days a week, to being home in lockdown. Just when I had some sort of routine with three children, everything became new again. How to manage having the children home, how to keep them engaged with some sort of activity throughout the day, feeding meals and snacks and whatever other needs they had. Like so many others, I struggled and exhausted myself for months, and I completely lost motivation to write or even be active on social media.

My last post on IG was about virtual learning and how it’s been at home, and now a year and half later we found ourselves in the same situation. But hoping it is only temporary. There’s just so much that happened, so much we learned and experienced that I couldn’t even put it all into words in one post.

So i’m just going to pick up where we left off and start posting again about our travels, parenting stories and just anything I love sharing. Some of my posts may backtrack to events that happened during the last year and a half, so bear with me.

I pray that all of you have been safe during the pandemic and find yourself back to whatever it was that brought you joy before.

Happy reading!

Note: Posts will be live on Sundays at noon, maybe not consistently!

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