Preparing for Baby #3

So i’m writing this post, as my baby sleeps next to me. She’s five months now, which is kind of unbelievable. I wanted to write for a long time, but just haven’t been able to catch my breath for some time. But now that we are five months in, I can sit and collect my thoughts…

Preparing for this baby was definitely unique. I already knew the baby part, because of my elder two. But I didn’t quite know how to navigate everyone’s [existing] needs and add to it a newborn. It would be challenging, as it always is. But one thing I knew wholeheartedly this time around that I didn’t the first couple of times, and that is everything will be okay.

When Rabab was born, I had ordered beautiful custom shirts for both kids to wear. And this time, I was so happy to stumble upon Over the Moon Creations who really worked with me to produce beautiful shirts for the three girls. I ordered them over the summer so that they’d be ready for the hospital newborn photo shoot.


I did very small additions when it came to ‘stuff’ for the baby. Friends and family gifted several clothing items, which was handy since I didn’t keep the girls’ baby clothes after two rounds. We had all the gear including infant car seat and stroller, crib, and a baby swing that I borrowed from a friend. The only new purchase that I did make was a stroller during black friday.

Rabab modeling the Graco Verb – Highly recommend

I also ordered an Ergobaby Embrace baby carrier, because well third baby. I often feel like I could use a third hand, so being hands free with a baby was something I knew would come in handy. This was probably one of the most useful pieces of gear that I have, and still use and will continue to use as she grows. It’s very easy to use, baby is safe, cozy and it helped my baby fall asleep numerous times.

Rabab modeling the Ergo baby Embrace

I think the biggest challenge whenever you have subsequent children is figuring out ways not to interrupt the lives of your elder children. For me, it was important that my kids continue in their daily routines without too many hiccups. Especially in those initial weeks when I came home.

Preparing whatever I needed for myself like the hospital bag, and getting every single thing ready for the baby that I possibly could was a no-brainer. But also, making sure my kids things were in order. Like organizing a small space where their lunch bags and school snacks are always ready and accessible. Organizing their shoes and socks, getting their clothes in order, and also getting them involved in their daily routines so that if anyone has a question, the kids could answer.

And of course, nesting hard means setting up a beautiful nursery-like space just for the thrill of welcoming a brand new family member.

Reusing crib, mattress & mobile. New bedding & wall decor from Target/Hobby Lobby

How do you prepare for a new baby? Share in the comments 🙂


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