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Ridha’s 5th Birthday – Trampoline Park

To celebrate Ridha’s fifth birthday, we bounced around different ideas. I was pretty much set on not celebrating her birthday this January because a) It’s too cold and b) I didn’t want to break the bank. But my husband was pretty intent on celebrating since it is a milestone, and he thought it would be so fun for the kids if we celebrated it at a trampoline park. Ridha was over the moon and it really was a fun birthday.

Choosing the right place

The emergence of new trampoline parks is kind of crazy. There are numerous parks, and so many options that it can become a daunting task to comb through which one is best. To be honest, all of the parks offer the same or very similar packages. Pricing and activities…they’re all pretty uniform. So we went with what we know, the park closest to our home where the girls are familiar with it, and it’s clean.

We chose the option of doing her birthday in a private room, rather than the public common area. We have a pretty decent size group of people, and wanted to have our own separate space. We had one attendant who took care of everything from serving the food, arranging for anything missing, announcing our party, and other small tasks. There was a big menu with lots of choices, but the only vegetarian options were ziti and pizza, so that’s what we ordered.

Cake / Favors 

Ridha’s one request was to have a Cinnabon cheesecake that was also an Elsa cake. How was I going to make that happen? It’s pretty easy. Much like last year, when I topped Rabab’s coldstone ice cream cake with homemade Tinker bell cake toppers, I did the same this time. And I didn’t buy anything for it. We had a cutout of Elsa that was in one of the girls toy packaging, so I used it with a toothpick and voila- a fancy Elsa cake!

Cinnabon Cheesecake

I also baked cupcakes, which most of the kids ate because cheesecake is pretty heavy. The favors were gift bags filled with zebra cakes, Yoohoo, sticker books, princess headband, and a card game. For boys, I had more boy themed games and a toy.

Home made cupcakes



The more I plan birthdays, the more I realize that simpler is way better. It’s less stressful, and less money, which is also less stressful. And our kids enjoy it just as much as any other party.




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