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Board & Brush Birthday

Every year for the past couple of years, I try to organize a night out with a bunch of my girl friends so that we can do a really fun activity together, and make it memorable. Because of babies and parenting and our incredibly busy lives, this is something we absolutely look forward to each year. And unfortunately, it’s more rare for us to get together and do some kind of out-of-the-box activity. We always pick the easy option which is go out to dinner or a get together at someone’s home.

Recently a Board & Brush opened up very close to my home and so I wanted to try it out with friends. So the day before my birthday last year, I arranged a girls night at Board & Brush to celebrate all the November babies and it was great!

Board and Brush is not your typical paint night. You get to choose your project ahead of time, by using their website and choosing from an assortment of pieces. Once you’ve selected and paid for your piece, the staff will prepare the piece for you before you come in.


The pieces are made of wood, in various shapes and sizes. There’s an entire array of customizable options for your piece to make it unique to you. And several steps to take, in order to finish your project. The staff members help you through each step of this lengthy process, and it takes on average 2-2.5 hours to complete a piece. This involves sanding down the front and sides, making patterns on your wood piece, choosing paint colors, painting and adding glitter, and removing the stencil sticker for your design. Each step has to be done in sequence and given time. But it is so much fun to do!

The space is so nice inside, there are benches at the workspace divided into small groups. They provide aprons and all the tools needed. The staff members are extremely friendly and will go above and beyond to accommodate your party and facilitate a really fun experience. They allowed us to use a table in the back for our cake cutting, and cleared a lot of space for our snacks and drinks. Outside food is allowed and they do provide coffee and water.


I had ordered a beautifully decorated cake by a friend and it was absolutely over the top. It was a very pretty, Rasmalai flavored cake with lovely fresh flowers cascading down it, and it was devoured.


With an activity like Board & Brush, we not only had a fun time, but we got to take home a beautiful piece of art for our home!



Have you ever been to a Board & Brush or similar experience? What’s your favorite girls night activity? Share below 🙂


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