Party Planning

Princess Party: Low Budget 4th Birthday Party

Ever since I had my daughters, I have always felt an itch to plan their birthdays about six months out. It’s a rough planning method, one that just starts in my head, and I mentally take note of different things here and there that would go perfectly with the theme I have set in my brain. It’s a natural, fun, process, one that I enjoy a lot. But one thing that I’ve learned over the course of planning a few birthday parties, less is more. I’ve become tired of the extensive, extravagant and oftentimes over-budget parties, where I have spent too much time and effort trying to buy anything and everything for the theme. I guess it’s all part of the learning process of motherhood.


Even last year, I went super simple with a theme she liked, Paw Patrol and just kept it super low key, no party, no fuss. Just us, a cake and some gifts. And I think that’s a tradition I will carry on every year. This year, on the day of my daughter Ridha’s fourth birthday, we cut a small Carvel ice cream, because well it’s everything to a 90’s child! And then we gave her all the birthday gifts we bought her. The next day I had planned a very low key princess-themed birthday party with just a few of mine and my girls’ closest friends.

Princess Party Decor 

I had something in mind when decorating the party, I wanted a nice backdrop but didn’t want to buy something that I would have to store away. I also wanted to reuse whatever I could, from accumulating decorations from past birthday parties. So here is what we came up with…

The draping is a hot pink plastic table cover that I had from before, a sparkly purple bow that I bought during an Easter clearance a couple years ago and streamers in pink and purple.


Streamers (light pink, pink, lavender) $3.00
Pink table cover $1.00
Balloons $11.00
Princess banner $3.19

Total: $18.19

Table Decor 

Everything I bought for the table is from Michael’s. I also rented a kiddie table that seats 10 children, which was a hit at our last birthday party. I really wanted the cupcake wrappers and toppers to dress up the bundtinis, and both I ordered from Amazon went perfectly with the theme.


Princess table top cover $2.63
Castle centerpiece $3.67
Princess plates $7.64
Princess Party crowns $6.21
Cupcake wrappers $4.99
Crown cupcake toppers $7.99
Kiddie Table $25.00

Total: $58.13

Party Favor Bags (12 ct) 

Princess loot bags $3.02
Unicorn color kits $10.08
Tattoos $2.07
Princess Bracelets $10.07
Princess bounce balls $4.62
Oreo snack bags $2.80 Walmart
Honest juice box $3.59 Costco

Total: $36.25


Princess Belle 

The one thing Ridha asked me for was to have a Belle birthday. So I had hired an entertainment company to send a princess Belle. She did tons of games, sing-alongs, story time, hand tattoos, and prizes for the kids.

Total: $175

Party Food 

Cheese Pizza
Baked Ziti
Chicken Francaise

Total: $110

The total cost of the party was $397.57

I didn’t include the cost of the cake, since I get an employee discount on it! The cake was a confetti Prettiest Princess cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes, and 24 bundtinis in an assortment of flavors. The party was just what I wanted, small, fun and most of all low budget. And not to mention, Ridha was ecstatic!

Would you rather splurge on a birthday or enjoy a low key, low budget party? Let me know below! 🙂

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