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Disney On Ice: CURE Arena


This was our first, and hopefully not the last visit to Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic at the CURE Arena in Trenton, NJ. Last year, we had purchased tickets to this very show and sadly did not make it due to snowfall and terrible road conditions. Our kids were tiny, and we just didn’t want to take the risk. But I’m thrilled that we had the chance to take them this year. We’ve been able to experience live shows with the girls at Sesame Place, Sesame Street Live, and Paw Patrol Live, so we were definitely ready for Disney. One thing I have learned is that it is worth it to purchase good seats at a live show!


We bought tickets only two rows away from the rink, and they really were great seats. They were not in the normal rising bleachers section, they were on the floor. The row in front which is was right next to the rink, was empty for the first 20 minutes of the show, and so for us it seemed like we were right next to the rink. However, when the guests arrived for those seats, sadly they were all adults and my daughter’s views were obstructed. We ended up taking them both in our laps, and the poor kids had to maneuver to be able to see the dancers. A small price to pay for being short…


The acts were just phenomenal. I was awed by the skating skills of the actors. The kids were happy to see all their familiar characters. The musical performances were perfect, and I don’t expect anything less from Disney. The actors were friendly and made it a point to wave whenever they faced us.


The show is broken into two sections with a small break in the middle, and I love that they do that. Because my kids are completely different in the first act and second. In the first act, the kids are just adjusting to their surroundings, therefore they show no emotion. But after the break, and walking around a little, the lights are on and they feel more comfortable, then they really enjoy the second act, even smile and clap a little.

The one part I was surprised about, but most people probably are not, is the amount of time give to Frozen. The show must have spent 45 minutes on the Frozen act, and I was wondering why since they already have an entire Frozen Disney on Ice show dedicated to the entire storyline. The show basically covered the entire movie in the time alotted, and I think that took away from the other movies that they could have showcased. But then again, every single child in there was mesmerized (And so was I) by the talented characters, and everyone really did enjoy it.


If you ask me, well I enjoyed all the classics. Beauty and the Beast of course, but I also really enjoyed Mulan. The end scene is wonderful, where all the characters come out to perform the finale. Overall it was a really fun experience, and one that the girls will talk about for a long time. If you haven’t seen it, do take advantage of when they visit your town and go see it!

* If you child doesn’t like to sit long, gets afraid of live characters, doesn’t feel familiar to any of these characters, then maybe consider not going. Or try a different (less expensive) show to prepare them for this one. That is what I did.

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