Raising Muslim Kids

Princeton PlaySpace


As a mom of two preschoolers, I’m always on the hunt for something fun, especially indoors for my kids to be able to enjoy during the long winter months. Well, I am unbelievably happy that we came upon the Princeton Playspace, a fun indoor playspace catered to small children. I’ve taken my girls there a few times for their special events, and I’ve been a loyal customer ever since!

img_1329The Princeton Playspace began about three years ago and the owners are a young local family with small children. When speaking to Alpin (the Owner), I felt like she was just another mom like myself, who envisions a play space where “kids can just be kids”. She explained that the purpose was for children to have a place of their own, where their imagination can take off and they can be as creative as they wish. What I see is a place where children can play freely, and parents can take a breather on the sidelines in their adorable little cafe area.

img_1324When designing the Princeton Playspace, they kept in mind that parents and caretakers should be able to sit and relax with a cup of coffee, while monitoring their children. The whole area is very spacious, and open so that you feel safe with your children nearby. The other really nice thing about Princeton Playspace is how it pays homage to its hometown of Princeton. The mock grocery store, “Einstein” toy store and “Nassau Street Garage” all symbolize pieces of Princeton’s history and local businesses. It feels personal, and like home.


There’s several children enrichment programs offered at the Princeton Playspace, as well as a calendar filled with fun-filled special events. I learned that recently they hosted a Ramadan event with a storybook reading and a small talk about the celebration of Eid. They are also hosting a similar Diwali event, and try to be inclusive of many different cultures and faiths. And interestingly, several families who don’t celebrate these holidays have come and enjoyed learning about a new holiday. We’ve attended different special events including the Pinkalicious Party and Annual Halloween Event. They host so many different events including different character-themed parties and seasonal craft sessions.



The classes offered for babies and toddlers encourage growth in different areas of interest such as Art, Music, Science and Culinary Arts, just to name a few. Their most popular class at the moment is Little Learners Preschool Prep, filled to the brim with little ones and often has a waiting list. The class is designed for toddlers just before they enter preschool, to get a feel of the class structure of a PreK classroom.

They also offer open play passes, and timings where children are welcome to just come and play. This can be purchased through a membership or just a pack of play passes. I’m a firm believer that if my child is learning through play, then it is worth investing in!

And right now, they have an amazing Black Friday special going on offering 12 open play visits for the price of 10. [Offer ends Monday 11/26]

If you’d like to purchase an Open Play Pack, follow the link here! This would make a great gift, and I’ve been waiting for this special to purchase one for us. If you do visit, please tag us [IG: @ssweetdreamer | @princetonplayspace] and let us know how you liked your visit 🙂

Other special services offered:

  • Complimentary Speech, Occupational and Physical therapy screenings
  • Parents Night Out [babysitting service for 3+]
  • Parent workshops
  • Parent-to-be Events
  • Baby Expo
  • Selecting a Preschool/Nursery Info session
  • Private Parties

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