Small Bathroom Organization

I had been planning around this bathroom makeover for some time because it needed a face lift. The disorganization and stuffiness was really getting to me, so I finally made some simple changes to revamp this bathroom.

When you have a small space to work with, there’s only so much you can do with it. But honestly, the smallest touches and paying attention to detail can transform a room completely.

Take a look at how some simple additions and changes have made this small bathroom brighten up and basically we love using it now.


Step I: Clear out clutter. Completely. 

Clutter, insane amounts of bottles, stuffed cabinets, any of it sound familiar? It’s so easy to make a bathroom messy. Our cabinets were so stuffed, it was difficult to find anything. The countertop was overfilled and cramped with products. When I sat down to do the initial phase of redoing the bathroom, I put on some latex gloves and emptied out everything, trashed the unnecessary and categorized what I wanted to keep. That way I had an idea of what kind of storage techniques would work best for this small space.

Step II: Change the lighting. 

It’s always an important part of redoing the room to change up the lighting, which was quite basic to begin with. It wasn’t doing anything for the room, and half the time I couldn’t find something was because I couldn’t see it. So I made a trip to Home Depot and bought matching light fixtures, both for less than $100. And it made a big difference.




Step III: Storage baskets/items

Then I thought about where I wanted things to be. For me, I just need the most basic stuff to be visible on the counter, and the rest stored away in the cabinets. The less “things” on the counter, the better. And of course some cutesy decor is a must.


Step IIII: New rugs

The color of the bathroom sets the mood for the entire room. Yes I said it. A bathroom should be calm, not noisy and busy. But a relaxing experience, smelling nice and comforting. All the senses should feel calm when entering, and the color really affects the atmosphere and aura. I always gravitate to nudes and blues. Blue is my absolute favorite tone to use when decorating, therefore I chose a combination of powdery blue and soft white. The rugs and matching towels were all purchased at Kohl’s, as well as the garbage bin.


Step V: Something fun for the girls 

The main attraction, I kid you not, is this stool. The stool was a beautiful find from Home Goods. And it’s been the one thing that excites my girls to brush or wash hands in the bathroom. They love using it, and they’re so happy that they can finally reach the sink without assistance.


I’m so happy with the way this bathroom turned out and my favorite thing about it is smelling the candles as soon as I walk into it.

What kinds of decor have you used for your small bathroom spaces? Share below 🙂





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