Kid’s Closet Organization


It’s the beginning of Fall, which means a huge swap in clothing for the kiddos as we move into cooler climates. I needed to makeover the kids’ closet so badly, and in my desperation, I forgot to capture the ‘before’ image of their closet. But trust me when I say, it was in pretty bad shape.

In this post I’ll share some really simple ways that I was able to redo my girls’ closet and make the most of the space, in the most affordable way. The first step was to completely clear out the space and purge whatever was not in use, too small or in poor condition (off to goodwill).

Hanging Collapsible Storage

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 11.12.12 PM

So I actually bought my two units from Walmart, but I couldn’t find the exact ones online. Perhaps they are found in stores and not online. But these are the closest ones that I could find to the ones I purchased, priced at $11.68. I purchased two, one for each of my daughters, and it’s great for two reasons.
1. They can reach in and grab by themselves
2. They can be collapsed and stored away, reducing extra space.

Three Drawer Storage Cabinet

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 11.16.24 PM.png

I found this unit at Target for $24.99 and it’s another great way to store sweaters, party clothes, and anything else that I need to hide away. The idea is that anything with length like dresses can be hung up, and the shirts/bottoms can be folded and stored in these cubbies and carts.

More Collapsible Storage Bins

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 11.23.13 PM.png

These bins can be found at Target for $9.99. For different seasonal clothing, I used cloth collapsible bins that I had from before, to store away half sleeve tees for the summer. I don’t like the look of clear storage plastic bins, and the cloth ones with design are good for hiding away items.


  • I don’t normally store shoes in the girls’ rooms because they are dirty, but if you needed to then you can find cloth hanging shoe storage units that can hand on the door or inside of the closet.
  • I find that leaving the purging and cleaning to long periods of time makes the work load quite daunting. Purging on a regular basis is much more practical.
  • Many times if we have too many things stored away we forget what we have. Seeing it is so important, so over stuffing the drawers is what led me to redoing the closet space so that we can visually see everything.

Do you have any tips on storage for kids closets? I’m planning on doing our own closet next and would love any ideas, share below!

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