What to pack for Kids [Atlantis, Bahamas]


Packing Tips

One of my favorite parts of taking a vacation is shopping for it. Creating a list of everything I need, and then going out to buy all the cute things I probably didn’t need. My least favorite part is packing! Well, this post is supposed to help anyone who’s planning to make a trip to Atlantis (or any beachy vacay). I hope you find this post useful, and if you ever needed any more tips, feel free to reach out to me!



The backpacks are really for mainly for the travel part of the trip, but to be honest, they were also used in our hotel rooms during our stay. Our car-to-airport and flights survive because of a well-packed backpack. Now that the girls are preschool-toddler age, it is prettyyyy nice to not have to carry a baby bag. The girls each have their own backpack, and I have packed each one with several things that I thought would be necessary (…and fun) for the travel. The places I like to shop for these items are usually Target, Walmart and Dollar stores.

  • extra change of clothes
  • diaper
  • coloring pack
  • stickers
  • snack
  • one new book
  • one new toy



  • Toothpaste
  • Tooth brush
  • Hair brush
  • Hair ties
  • Baby shampoo
  • Baby powder, lotion
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Sunscreen
  • Tide*

*We actually did end up using the Tide to wash a towel due to a poop accident, well worth it.



So since we are going to a beachy, warm area with a lot of waterpark activities, I needed a bunch of water gear for my daughters. If you are looking for modest swimwear for kids, I’ve found great items at Target (recommended by a family member) and I’m happy to say that we are very satisfied with their toddler active wear. Swim shirts, active tee-shirts, and matching tights have worked great for when my kids play in the water. I also packed several tees, tights, and half-sleeved dresses, water shoes, flip flops and PJs.

Tip: Pack extra pairs of outfits. I can’t count how many times I changed my youngest one’s outfits due to spills, leaks or just plain tantrums.

My Swim Wear:

  • Swim leggings size L from Amazon $20. Loved them.
  • Yoga Top from Amazon for $24. I like the loose fit, and it covered my butt.
  • Jersey Hijab from Haute Hijab for $20. Easy to tie in turban or regular style, stays put when tight.



Beach toys

The Atlantis Bahamas is packed with sandy white beaches and water parks. In the water parks, I didn’t anticipate needing much to keep the kids entertained, however I wish I had brought some water toys like spray guns or small buckets. For the beach I bought a bucket filled with play toys for making sand castles. It’s something my daughters really wanted, so I had bought it long back (only $1) but kept it packed so they could open it at the resort.



After reading several reviews about how expensive the food/snacks are at Atlantis resort, I decided to pack a small carry-on just for snacks. It’s a nice way to save a few bucks when you need to grab something quick, especially with little ones.  Some of the snacks we packed were mini pringles cans, milano cookies, fruit snacks, cereal bars, and even a box of cereal, with a few plastic bowls and spoons.

Cereal from home for breakfast

Tip: Before reaching the resort, ask your taxi cab to stop at a grocery store (you pass it) so you can stock up on whatever you think you’ll need, especially snacks/drinks, even bread and spreads. If you need to go grocery shopping during your stay, grab a 10 minute water taxi to the mainland, it’ll save you $$.

What I wished I packed more of:

  • swim diapers
  • wet wipes
  • dry snacks that don’t break or get crushed
  • soda cans
  • more clothes for kids
  • water toys


And that’s a wrap. Hope you found the tips and lists in this post useful and I wish you all the very best on your next family vacation.

Where are you headed and what do tips do you have about packing for family trips? Share below in the comments!

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