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A Day Out: Sesame Place July 4th Fest

This would be our first time taking the family to Sesame Place for July 4th and it was a memorable experience. It was a very hot summer day, perfect day for water rides, and it was quite crowded due to the holiday. My kids are at the perfect age for Sesame Place, they recognize and love the characters, I mean Rabab is still dreaming about Elmo’s special visit to her birthday party.


The website offers pretty reasonable deals for tickets. We did purchase the single visit, choose your day ticket, but after seeing the kids enjoy it so much I did regret not buying the second visit option. However, after that day, I received an email to purchase an extra visit for just $10.


Fast Pass Option

The park has a lot of options for small kids, both water and dry rides. The smart thing we did was we bought three fast passes for the kids (my daughter and her cousins) and because they were kids, us mothers got to ride with the kids too. It was worth it for July 4th because of how many people were there, I probably wouldn’t purchase it on a regular weekday. With the fast pass, we were given preference and always allowed to use our own separate entrance to the rides.


After a full day of rides and eating at Elmo’s Eatery*, we found a spot to watch the parade, where we saw all the characters. And the day finished with a fireworks extravaganza at 9:15pm. It would probably have been smarter to leave right after the parade and watch the fireworks from the parking lot, to beat the traffic that followed.

*Tip: At this restaurant, the plates/cups are great to reuse, so take them home!

What are some activities you and your family have done for July 4th? Would you visit a theme park on this holiday? Leave a comment below 🙂


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