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6 Thoughts on Birthday Planning

It’s no surprise that planning your child’s birthday entails careful planning, thought and execution. Not an easy game to play, but we ready up each year trying to figure out how best to make our child’s birthday dreams come true. Okay, maybe some of our own dreams too.

When planning out my kids’ birthday parties, I find myself going through a process. A process of thoughts that face me head on each and every single time I do this. And I thought well why not write it all down, share it and then reflect on it the next time I take on another birthday endeavor.


Thoughts that go through your mind when planning a kid’s birthday party…

  1. “Let’s have a simple party this year.”
    Each year we start out thinking of how to tone it down, throw a simple party, like the good old days with just pizza and ice cream. A few friends and a small budget. Yep, it would be nice wouldn’t it. What starts out as a simple party, turns into an elaborate theme, and the need to buy every thing that fits into the theme category. Down to every napkin, plate and banner. Of course days before the party, I always think was all this really necessary??acs_0035
  2. “Budget, what budget?”
    We begin with a number we are comfortable with, a number we’d like to stay at. But then, we have no idea the real costs of throwing a party, so the number might as well be nonexistent. Because without fail, we will go over that budget, each time. It is the bud of the argument between my husband and I, but I mean, people who don’t plan just don’t know!!
  3. “We have to cut people. Wait, we can’t not invite them!”
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the toughest part is deciding who to invite, and who not to invite! Remember envisioning a small and simple party, with a manageable crowd. Well that’s usually the issue, we want to invite everyone we feel close to, and it can’t be done in just 20 people. Having a desi background means our tribe includes our family, extended and nuclear, our close friends, community members and a whole lot of kids. Small party…what’s the fun in that?
  4. “I’m never throwing a party again.”
    This is the last time. Not doing this to myself again. Why did I do this? Yup these are the normal ramblings of my brain during planning, but mostly the night before the party. I get super nervous and anxious that everything will go wrong. Sometimes as the host/hostess, we get so caught up in everyone else’s enjoyment, we forget about our own. But the thought is always temporary, and usually wears out by the time it’s the next kid’s birthday.
  5. “We are going to run out of food.”
    Not sure why this thought always pops into my head, but I guess it’s just difficult to estimate how much people will eat, therefore how much food to order? One thing that I have learned is that a good party equates to well-fed guests. If there’s good food at a party, most definitely your guests will leave happy. And it’s okay to have some leftover, but not okay to fall short on food. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves as hostess.
  6. “I’m so happy we did this.” 
    Despite every negative thought, every struggle and pain it takes to throw a great kid’s party, we always end up here. Feeling thankful and happy that our kids’ faces lit up with excitement at each carefully planned surprise and our guests left with words of gratitude and joy. Nothing makes me happier than to hear that everyone had a good time, even if I didn’t. I mean I do enjoy parts of the party, but for me personally, I enjoy most after the party. I’m able to relax, eat, and savor the moments through photos and the recounting from other people–especially my kids.

What are some thoughts that go through your mind when planning a birthday party for your child? Am I the only one with all these crazy thoughts? Comment below 🙂

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