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Why I Removed Photos of My Children From My Public Social Media

If you follow me on instagram, then you may have seen changes to my grid…a lot fewer photos, because I removed quite a bit of photos of my kids. I also deactivated my blog for a while, so that I could revise and edit out the photos of my children. Why the sudden change? Well, there is a good reason, and one that I am certain many bloggers and social media influencers struggle with all the time.

After blogging for almost a year, and actively using instagram/instastory to share moments of my life, and putting myself and my kids out there for the world to see, the decision to hide my children from social media is one that I’ve been thinking about for some time.

When you’re active on social media, sharing is just part of it all. We share everything, and it is acceptable to share these days as a mode of communication. As a mom, I worried that exposure of my kids would be an invitation to all kinds of judgment, foul thoughts or envy. But I would brush it off, and think to myself, why would anyone want to wish harm on my children.

I don’t want to disclose details of a recent incident, but it was an injury to my little one, and a wake-up call that I probably needed to reevaluate what I was sharing on social media and my blog. Although I have the best intentions when I post, I can’t be certain of who is watching and what intentions they have. As a blogger, I am constantly asking myself if something is too much to share, if I should bother, and most of all risk sharing photos of my children…especially since we strongly believe in the evil eye.

The incident just jolted me into a decision to remove the faces of my children from my public account, and this blog too. As much as I would like to keep the girls in my content, I think it is far worse to keep worrying for their wellbeing and safety. Some of the bloggers I admire most have made the same decision, and it may or may not have been provoked by a negative incident in their life.

I have really enjoyed sharing the content that I did with people, but it’s time for a change for me. I respect all bloggers’ decision to share/not share on social media, and I hope that my readers will continue to support me and find my content useful and interesting, despite the changes.


Have you ever been in a situation where you questioned how much you share on social media and the effect it has on you, your children or family? Please do share in the comments.

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