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Ramadan/Eid Basket for Toddlers

This year is definitely a year of firsts for me, as I find myself prepping for Ramadan in ways I hadn’t done before. My kids are at an age where they are beginning to understand certain concepts of time, prayer and fasting too. Ramadan is fast approaching and it’s an extremely exciting time for bloggers because we get to share and take part in what amazing products and brands that are now including Ramadan/Eid decor and items.


Everyday I get updates on my social media outlets of different mainstream stores that are now offering brand new Ramadan/Eid inspired items, and this just makes me so happy. I remember when I was young, and the only Islamic things we could ever buy besides books were the “I LOVE ALLAH” bumper stickers, that ended up on everyone’s cars. Does anyone remember those??? 

Well, this year I decided to put together our very first (of many I hope) Ramadan/Eid gift baskets for my girls, ages 2 and 3. I want to gift it to them for Eid, instead of money because hello they don’t understand the value of money just yet. I think that gifting them a basket filled with goodies would be a much more exciting gift, something they can anticipate each year. And since we are going to be doing our good deeds calendar, I want to reward them for their efforts.

So here’s a look at all the items I will include in our Eid gift baskets this year. I really want to help the small businesses that are offering Ramadan products, and encourage them to keep on doing it. Everything I bought here will be linked so you can shop too!


Small Prayer Rugs $24.99
With a Spin

I absolutely fell in love with these beautiful handmade prayer rugs that are just the perfect size for little toddlers who are beginning to learn about namaz. My girls are right there with me in the prayer room, wearing their mini scarves and mimicking our movements, so I think this gift encourages them to keep on learning prayer. And they’re just so darn cute! They come in beautiful blue designs for boys also.

Bismillah Plates $9.99
With a Spin

Okay, I admit that I forget to say Bismillah myself when it comes to beginning a meal, and I don’t want to fail at teaching my kids. This plate is the perfect reminder for all of us!! The plates are part of an entire collection of beautiful children’s dinnerware made by Lila and Tiny in the UK. The shipping was more cost effective for US when I ordered from With a Spin.



This year, I’ll be gifting a few books that are cohesive with the Ramadan theme, in order to introduce the idea of fasting and Ramadan to my kids. The girls absolutely love reading and seeing colorful images in their storybooks. So I did go a little bit crazy when shopping for books, but hey at least they’re learning right?

Hassan and Aneesa Series $5.99
Siraj Store

This series is great for kids under 4, it’s simply written and introduces many concepts including Madrassa, Ramadan, and Eid.

Ramadan and Fasting Activity Book $5.95
Siraj Store 

This would probably be best for preschoolers who are a bit older and familiar with reading, but I’ll still give it a try. It’s got stickers, small activities and is a great way for your child to start learning about Ramadan.

Allah’s Gifts $10.00
Taqwa Media

Sharing What You Love $10.00
Taqwa Media

Giving to others, sharing what you have with those who are less fortunate is exactly what Ramadan is about. I think this book would be perfect to reinforce those concepts to little ones.

My First Quran Activity Book $24.99
Zair Zabr Play

Turns out I will be receiving this book just in time for Ramadan! It’s a beautiful interactive book to help your child familiarize with the Quran. A perfect gift for the blessed month when the Quran was revealed. I’ll be taking this one to our Toddler group at the Mosque where our topic this month is developing a connection with the Quran!

Ramadan and Fasting Activity Book
Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 10.19.59 PM
Photo taken from Zair Zabr Play


Basket $4.99

I’ll also include small bags of candy and lollipops for the girls, and my sister in law sent them small pink totes (as seen in photo) that say “My Eid Bag” which I think would be perfect to hold their books. I try to find items that will be used, not just played with once and never touched again, so I’m hoping the girls will enjoy each of the items as much as I did picking them out.


What’s in your Ramadan basket, or what do you do differently for your children? Please do share your ideas below, I love the inspo! 🙂

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