5 Things I Didn’t Know About Motherhood

The title of this article is pretty self-explanatory, so we can just dive right in, shall we…

  1. I never predicted that motherhood meant entering into a permanent state of feeling tired. It isn’t just a feeling, we really are always tired. Our mental, physical, emotional state is permanently tired and there is just a small window of time where I feel freshest, usually in the morning. And I am one of those mothers whose children sleep through the night now, and I get a good night’s sleep as well. Yet every day I am exhausted beyond words.
  2. I never knew that you could be classified in one of several categories of moms. There’s so many titles I can barely keep up with them. Working mom. Stay at home mom. Classy mom. Sporty mom. Creative mom. Messy mom. How about we ditch the titles, because what purpose do they serve, except to divide us?
  3. I never knew how much more I would talk to myself. Okay, I would like to think that we all talk to ourselves. Not in a loud way, but quietly to our inner selves. I do it everyday, and as a mother, I have been in so many uncomfortable, downright humiliating situations where I need to give myself a pep talk on a daily basis. Usually it’s when I’m getting sideway glances while my toddler is giving me hell, and I have to keep telling myself that it’s okay, it’ll all be over in a minute and I’m never taking her shopping close to nap time ever again.
  4. I never, ever thought I would grow to despise 8:00pm. Let me explain. I cannot tell you how many times this has happened…It’s been a long day, girls have been up since 8:30am and we’ve done every possible activity there is. I took them out to the library, then a quick grocery trip, fed lunches, played a ton of games with one, while the little one napped, whipped up dinner and fed them, bathed them, read to them…and I look up at the clock and guess what? It’s 8:00 PM. This hour leaves me absolutely no energy to continue with more activities, and bed time is not for another hour. This hour feels like the longest sixty minutes of my life. I dread 8pm so much, I wish I could disappear everyday at this time. Anyone else with me?
  5. I never thought I would be one of those moms whose life revolves around my kids. I’m not sure if it will always be like this, but right now where I’m at, I live and breathe my kids. It’s all I can think about it 24 hours of the day, even if I’m not with them. It’s all I really care about, everything else comes second, third or none. I can’t stop talking about them, or sharing their videos or the funny things they say. Just take a look at the Motherhood section of this blog and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Before kids, I always had this ridiculous idea of what motherhood would be like, but now I know that I knew nothing. Absolutely nothing. 



I would LOVE to hear what you have learned about motherhood. Do any of these jump out at you? If so, please do share in the comments 🙂

4 thoughts on “5 Things I Didn’t Know About Motherhood”

  1. I definitely agree. I was never able to be a stay at home mom, and I’ve always been envious, but there is a certain respite offered by a job. When your full time job is your children, I can totally see how difficult that can be. Keep up the good work. Motherhood is tough!

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