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A Day Out: Crayola Factory

This was our very first visit to Crayola Factory, located just on the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Everyone knows and loves Crayola products, and who knew that they were made right here on the East Coast. Over the weekend, we visited the Crayola Factory with my cousins, and had a wonderful time. This place is jam-packed with activities for little ones, especially children younger than 5 years.


The Crayola Factory is located in Easton, PA, in the heart of the downtown area. There are four floors of different activities, all involving Crayola products. The tickets are very inexpensive, and it’s a great place to spend the day for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

We began our visit with a show, where crayons explain how they are produced at the factory. The short presentation shows the entire process of melting wax, machinery used to produce crayons and boxing the finished products. At the end of the show, each child was given a crayon to take home.


The kids really enjoyed “buying” their own pouch of colored silly putty from the vending machines. [You are given coins with your admission ticket for this] There were plenty of shaping tools, cutters and rollers to entice your child’s creativity. And plenty of coloring pages, crayons and markers too. Even us moms rediscovered our love of coloring!

Mamas coloring too

There was an entire media section where kids could create their own images on a small tablet, and see it displayed live on the wall.

Ridha pointing out her masterpiece.

There is a small jungle gym and “Toddler Town” section for little ones, that my youngest really enjoyed.

But hands down, my daughters’ favorite activity at any place like this is alway the Water Play. The Water Works section at Crayola is really neat, because each child gets a boat that they push through canals and passages, splashing water until it reaches it’s destination.

Watching their boat

There is a brand new Cafe Crayola, which we didn’t try but have heard good reviews. We did have a snack, because it was very hard to resist the smell of fresh popcorn popping! We paid a mandatory visit to the Crayola store at the main floor, and got some pretty good deals on their sale section.

I wasn’t sure if it would be enjoyable for my kids because they’re still very little, but I was blown away by the amount of activities they had geared towards children under 5. And although we visited on a cold Saturday- usually a busy time for indoor activities, it never felt too crowded or uncomfortable. The Crayola Experience is definitely a great family day out if you have little ones, or a child who loves crayola.

Thousands of crayons

What kinds of indoor activities do your children enjoy? Share it in the comments!


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