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A Day Out: Please Touch Museum

To continue our staycation this new year’s, we visited the Please Touch Children’s Museum of Philadelphia. Like several other parents, who were fighting the cold weather, looking for something warm, indoors and kid-friendly, we found ourselves in a super-crowded museum on new year’s eve. But it was still quite enjoyable, and our kids loved it.

Daniel Tiger Exhibit 

The big reason we wanted to visit the Please Touch Museum was because our daughters love watching Daniel Tiger, and they had a temporary exhibit until January. We had visited the Children’s Museum of Boston  and absolutely loved it, so we thought this would be a great activity for the kids.

The exhibit was small, but quite nice. They had a section dedicated to each of Daniel’s friends, which my toddlers recognized instantly. They had a tribute to the OG Mr. Rogers, who my almost 3-year old asked inquisitively about. *Eyeroll*


Noon Year’s Eve 

Because it was New Year’s eve, there was an extra charge of about $6 per head to enter the museum because of their special Noon Year’s eve event. There was a huge crowd for the 12pm event, where they countdown and have a ball drop, followed by a massive explosion of colorful confetti. We skipped the 12pm one and caught the end of the 1pm event, because my kids weren’t really that interested. They just wanted to play…

Endless Activities

Like many children’s museum, the Please Touch Museum encourages children to feel and explore all the different sections of the museum catered to their little hands. There was a “Shop Rite” where my kids pushed around a shopping cart, filling it with produce and a check out counter where they scanned and rang up their purchases. There was an entire Alice in Wonderland theme going on in their fairytale section, a medical hospital with little hospital beds the perfect size for toddlers. And there was so much more to explore, my kids weren’t bored for even a moment.

Mini Grocery Mart
Water play
Space Rocket

The two day staycation was definitely not void of its issues. We had sleep depravation from the uncomfortable hotel, and my youngest threw up once in the car, so I had to trash her jacket, but we still enjoyed all the good parts of our mini staycation. The Please Touch Museum was a great way to tire the kids out! But next time, I would visit on a less crowded day, and due to it being New Year’s eve, you had to pay more for less time since the museum only stayed open till 3pm.

Have you ever visited the Please Touch Museum? What kinds of winter indoor activities have you done with small children? I’m in need of more ideas!!

If you’d like to read more about this mini staycation, be sure to check out Sesame Place: A Very Furry Christmas.


9 thoughts on “A Day Out: Please Touch Museum”

  1. This looks fab for the little ones we have something in the U.K. similar but never been I think I should definitely check it out! Love your photo 😊Mandyxxx #explorerkids

  2. Sound like a perfect heaven for kids! A great place to get the kids tried out too! lol! I’ve been to the Childhood museum in London, but there – there were more towards the history/ evolution of toys. Still pretty cool as kids get to interact with them. I haven’t seen Daniel Tiger before. You’ve got me intrigue now. 🙂 x

    Thank you very much for linking up with us on #ExplorerKids

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