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Sesame Place: A Very Furry Christmas

Holidays in Sesame Park…Great for little ones!

This year for the holidays, we decided to do another staycation, just like last year, and ended up choosing Pennsylvania yet again. Instead of staying in Philadelphia like last year, we stayed in Langhorne, PA right across from Sesame Place. My girls are at an age where they both love the show and the characters, so we thought it’d be a perfect staycation. The only thing is, it’s freezing on the East coast, so to beat this winter cold was the true challenge this year!

Springhill Suites by Marriott
Langhorne, PA

We chose this hotel for one reason, the proximity to Sesame Place park is unbeatable. And truly, that was the only thing we liked about staying here. The park is walking distance, literally a 5 minute walk, but in this biting 18F weather, it felt much longer. But we saved on parking!

I’m very disappointed to say that everything else kind of went wrong at this hotel. We had requested for two beds, but instead got a King room (for a family of four!), and it was sold out due to it being New Year’s weekend. The sleep was terrible that night for my husband and I, who switched with me all night long between the king bed and the pull-out sofa bed. There was tons of noise from other children running around outside in the halls. And the staff was not helpful with any [simple] requests we had. Luckily we were only there for a weekend, so I didn’t let any of it bother us.


Sesame Place 

This was my first time back to a place that I grew up visiting as a child, and it was just as magical. I was thrilled to be taking my daughters there, and my youngest who is a huge fan of Elmo, just lit up at the signs for Sesame place while we walked over to the park.


Even though it was freezing, we had an amazing time at the park. It wasn’t crowded at all (obviously) and we kept our activities to indoor as much as we possibly could because of the incredibly low temperatures. We went to the park at about 4:30pm, to attend the Dine with me Elmo! that we had reserved. The buffet wasn’t quite gourmet, but the experience was well worth it.


Christmas Dine with Elmo & Friends

If you go to Sesame place, I highly recommend one character dining experience, and booking it early as it gets full. They have multiple timings during the day, and bookings are done online. Because we booked our entire package through Sesame Park, we were able to get a Kids eat free promotion. I have to say, this was so enjoyable for us, my kids were so excited to see all the characters they watch everyday, and take photos with them. Seeing them happy, made us so happy.


Holiday Shows 

After dinner, which took us barely an hour, we had plenty of time to explore the park. But it was just too, too cold. So we decided to go directly for a couple of shows and call it day. One of the shows was in an outdoor theater, and the other was indoor, nice and warm. I was impressed by how organized and enthusiastic all the characters and staff members were. They were all so helpful and accommodating, and really made our experience enjoyable.


And I absolutely loved the decor of the entire park. There were so many lit up trees, christmas decorations, and wintery wonderland feels all around the park. I wish I had taken more photos, but honestly pictures don’t do justice.


My daughters were talking about this part of our trip for days after, they loved it so much. I would definitely visit again for the Christmas holidays, but just hope that it’ll be a little bit more bearable temperatures in the future!

Have you visited Sesame Place theme park? I can’t wait to go again in the summer!


16 thoughts on “Sesame Place: A Very Furry Christmas”

  1. This looks a fab place to visit my son loves Elmo too and the picture of your youngest daughter with Elmo is priceless! Lovely post Mandyxxx #explorerkids

  2. How lovely to have gone there as a child and then you taking your own children there to experience the same thing. So sorry to hear about the hotel issue. That kind of ruin the trip a bit. But hopefully when you go back in the Summer – they will have done a better job. 🙂

    Thank you very much for linking up with us on #ExplorerKids

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