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Butterfly Themed 1st Birthday Party

I recently attended a first birthday party for my good friend’s daughter, and was blown away by the sweet backyard butterfly-themed party decor. It was a wonderful first birthday, and my girls enjoyed it so much. And because I love to blog about beautiful things, I asked my friend Sara, and she kindly agreed.

Butterfly Themed First Birthday Party

Party Decor

The host hired a local event-planner, Events by Alia, another good friend of mine and she paid close attention to adding every little detail and small touch to all of the decor. Since it was a butterfly theme, it was fitting that the party took place in the outdoors with a backdrop of the birthday girl’s grandmother’s beautiful vegetable garden.

Floral backdrop
Prop photo frame
Table decor

The centerpieces were small lacey white lanterns decorated with faux grass, colorful butterflies and pearls. The landscaping in the backyard included pine trees which were decorated with a string of photographs of birthday girl from month to month.

Food and Desserts

One thing about having a backyard party, is that it’s during the day, so keeping a light, refreshing menu is key to pleasing guests. The menu was American cuisine and included dishes like Chicken fingers, chicken florence, baked ziti, salad and breadsticks. There was also lots of fruits, juices, veggies and dip and grape leaves.

Party tent
Buffet table
Chicken fingers tray
Chicken marsala, Chicken florence

Chocolate cupcakes, butterfly cake pops, and packaged treats to take home were placed on the decorated cake table.

Dessert table decor
Dessert table decor
Butterfly cake pops
Chocolate cupcakes
Gold fish and Fruit loops

Fun Activities

There were plenty of fun activities to keep the little ones busy and happy all day. A bouncy castle, popcorn machine, face painting and balloon animals and toys just to name a few. My littlest one especially enjoyed the ball pit.

Amazing balloon unicorn

Besides the fabulous goodie bags, my daughters took home glittery butterfly wings and tiaras, plus sugary treats from the dessert table. I’m a big fan of the butterfly theme, it’s the theme we chose for my daughter Ridha’s first big girl room, so I was thrilled when I saw all the butterfly decor at this party.

What themes have you enjoyed planning/attending for a first birthday?

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