Small Laundry Room Organization

I recently re-organized my laundry room because it was bugging me so much, and I walk through the laundry room a million times a day. Finally, I took the time out to just get it cleaned out and hired a handyman to build a free-standing storage unit so that I’d have a little bit more space to hide away extra things.


Here’s some small things I adjusted to re-organize my small laundry room…

Storage Baskets 

Storage baskets are an inexpensive way to store away all the items that make your room look like a total mess. I’ve labeled the baskets for Laundry items/ToiletryItems/Household items, this way I don’t spend extra minutes trying to find what it is I’m looking for.

Wish my husband would read them instead of shouting “Where are the soap bars?” otherwise he would know they’re clearly in the “toiletries” bin.

Storage Baskets

Free Standing Storage Cabinet

I bought a very affordable storage cabinet as an easy way to store some pantry items and laundry items in. I use the bottom half for household items, and the top for snacks/food items for the kids [out of their reach]. I wish I were handy in assembling this stuff myself, but I’m just not…so I hired someone. But I’m sure that I could’ve put it together, had I given it some time and perseverance.


New LED Light Fixture 

I just went to Home depot and picked up a very simple, round LED light fixture, and the entire room completely brightened up. Best part is, since it’s LED, it will last me at least 20-30 years, no bulbs necessary.

Closet Organization 

We have a tiny little closet for storing away brooms/cleaning supplies/vacuum. But having all the brooms/mops/swiffer in one closet can get kind of annoying when you pull one thing out, a bunch of tangled brooms start falling out. So I also picked up a broom organizer hook from Home Depot and had it installed to create more space in my closet.


And there you have it, four very simple ways you can organize a small laundry room. I think the biggest thing for us is not dumping extra things and storing shoes in our laundry room, to keep it from looking like the mess it was. And I don’t put any laundry baskets or organizers in the laundry room, because we don’t do sorting in there. The attached garage makes it quite cold to stand in there too long.

And the final look…



Hope you liked this tiny little make over! Share some of your organizing tips in the comments below, I love hearing from you!

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