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Mummy, Are you a Princess?

I had a lovely mummy moment today with my toddler [2.5 year old] who never ceases to surprise me. We were out trying to find me an outfit to wear to an upcoming wedding. We had gone to a nearby boutique filled with exclusive, heavy, Indian couture party wear. I was led into a fitting room, and no sooner had I shut the door, I heard the babbling voice of my toddler approaching. So I opened the door and in she walked, smiling brightly.

I struggle to put on the dress, buttoning it up and feeling the fabric clinging to every new, unwelcome bump in my post-baby body. A million [negative] thoughts going through my brain as I see myself in the mirror. Too tight. Not buttoning up properly. I look huge. Not for me. You get the idea. And then, my daughter asks me, “Mummy, tum princess ho?” which translates to “Mummy are you a princess?”. She was smiling widely, looking up at me in this dress, connecting me to a character she’s seen in fairytales and movies.

It was like she popped all the bubbles in my brain, and all those thoughts vanished. Now I was thinking, I wonder what she sees. I tried to look at myself again through her eyes. It’s not easy to ignore all the flaws that scream at you through a mirror. But, I know what she was trying to say in that question. She was ooh-ing and wow-ing at me in the dress. She saw princesses and brides. She saw beauty.

Sometimes we get too caught up in the negatives. Sometimes it takes a small reminder in the size of a tiny little human being who thinks the world of you, to show you what you’re overlooking.

Has your little one ever made you feel beautiful? Today, mine did.

Me, Being Mummy
Bridie By The Sea


8 thoughts on “Mummy, Are you a Princess?”

  1. This is so lovely , sometimes we could do to stop and see ourselves as the little people do as opposed to our negative little thoughts #DreamTeam

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