Fall Decor [On a Budget]

I’ve never decorated for fall before, and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a mom now, but I am LOVING all the fall-y decor in stores right now, I could not resist. It’s so much fun! I didn’t want to go crazy, just a few fresh items to give the home a pop of color and a warm welcome to the autumn season. These are items that I’ll keep on using each year too. Check it out!

Front porch table decor

Candle holders $1
Sparkly fall candles $3 
Faux glittery pumpkins $5 
Faux leaves, acorns $1 

Lanterns for Porch

Pier 1 Imports
Small Lanterns $14.95/each

Large Lantern $19.99

These lanterns are great because I can keep them up for all of the cold season.

Entryway decor

Faux flowers $12.84
Owl $3.98
Pumpkin $0.98

Total Spent: $82.69

There you have it. My lovely, festive fall decor, all for under $100!

What are your favorite fall decor items? I think mine is that cute little owl.

Rhyming with Wine
Mission Mindfulness
You Baby Me Mummy


11 thoughts on “Fall Decor [On a Budget]”

  1. Oh wow I love that little owl and the brightness of those flowers. I’ve never really decorated for Autumn before but I must admit to a few extra candles here and there now that the nights are drawing in. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

  2. I love autumnal colours- and even better to manage the decorating on a budget! Thanks for sharing your ideas #thesatsesh

  3. What great ideas, I think my favourites are the little pots at either side in the first picture, they’re really dainty but lovely, autumnal colours. I’ve never thought of decorating for autumn but actually it would be really nice to refresh our space with some new bits and pieces. Thanks for sharing your great buys. #thesatsesh

  4. #thesatsesh Im terrible at ‘little touches’ I think that what appeals to me about minimalism – so you are ahead of me just by purchasing the items haha. I even back christmas decks away by the 28th…no one needs to look at a sad tree, plus I can’t deal with ‘stuff’ – may be embracing the vase is something I need to work on.

    1. I hear you. Too much stuff is a pet peeve of mine, but as the family grows the stuff just seems to grow with them. I think i’ve started to embrace the “fun” and let go of everything else!

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