Boston Part II: Activities for Toddlers

Things To Do [With toddlers]

So normally we would tackle all the touristy sites and attractions in a short trip like this [two days], however now that we are a family of four, we decided to keep the kiddos in mind when planning out our days, trying to balance a good amount of sightseeing as well as fun play. Here are the main attractions that we enjoyed during our two days in Boston…

Prudential Center/Sky Walk

We kicked off the trip with a visit to the Prudential Center in the heart of the city. It’s basically a huge space with large department stores, shopping, eateries [including Eataly!!] and the 50th floor is a 360 degree view of the entire city of Boston, which we all enjoyed.

This is also where we were picked up for our Duck Tour [see below]. You can also catch a hop-on-hop-off tour bus from here.

Duck Tours 

A great way to see the city in 90 minutes, this tour combines ground sightseeing all around the city as well as water sightseeing. A fun way to see the city, even more fun if you have a bubbly tour guide. Definitely recommending!


Boston Public Library 

The exterior of this building is as pretty as the interior. Unfortunately, we arrived just before closing, so due to the time crunch, we were only able to see a portion of it. I decided to take the girls to the Children’s library, and my goodness, it is beautiful. The whimsical books falling from the ceilings and the pretend playhouses that adorned the walls just drew my daughters in. They absolutely loved it.

Children’s Library Decor
Boston Public Library

Boston Children’s Museum 

The Children’s Museum is a must if you have children ages 5 and younger. We had such a fun day and to be honest, I was so happy to be hands free of my girls for a couple of hours. This place is just a big play space for kiddos. It’s got everything your kids would want to play with. They had a separate play area for crawlers, where my 13 month old just went crazy. Ridha [2.5 years] enjoyed putting on a smock for water play, painting on the canvas, the dollhouse, the grocery cart and produce, in fact she enjoyed just about everything. It was a perfect way to spend a rainy day, not to mention the kiddos were exhausted and slept quite soundly that night.

Boston Tea Party Museum 

The distance between the Children’s Museum and Boston Tea Party Museum is just about nothing, they are side by side and can be done in one day for the adventurous. We did not have the time, but I would highly recommend this museum for those who are interested in Boston’s history, in particular the Boston Tea Party events.


There is an abundance of churches in the city of Boston, and each one is beautiful. If you’re lucky, you may be able to walk around and explore the interior of one or more of these breathtaking places of worship.

There’s plenty more to do in the city, but in just two days, we were able to pack in lots of sightseeing and enjoyment for the kids. Scroll down for more photos!

Be sure to check out Boston: Part I for details on where we stayed and what we ate!

View from SkyWalk
View from SkyWalk
Waiting for Duck Tour Bus
Hop-on-Hop-off Bus Tour
View from Duck Tour
Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel

8 thoughts on “Boston Part II: Activities for Toddlers”

  1. I have a friend who lives in Boston. I am so jealous now of the beautiful sky view from the top. The Library is absolutely beautiful. I can see why the kids can easily spends many hours in there. What a beautiful city!

    Thank you so much for linking up with us on #ExplorerKids

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