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Before You Start Nursery

Seven days left before you start your very first nursery.

As a mother…

I’ve been wishing for it, praying it comes soon, anticipating it, but also I’ve been dreading it, delaying it, and praying it doesn’t come too soon.

I keep imagining that first day, the first week, and the first time you realize that I cannot stay there with you like I always do when I take you to the library. Every night before bed, I explain to you how I can’t come with you to school, and you say You’ll be waiting for me at home. Yes, I’ll be anxiously waiting. Waiting for what, I am not sure. Perhaps a phone call asking me to return and pick you up because you are too upset. Forgive me, but I’m a mom, I can’t help but imagine the worst.

The thing is, I so badly want you to like your school, your teacher and your classmates. But I need you to miss me just as badly. I want you to walk in happily, and let go of me for a few hours with ease. But I need you to look for me while you’re there. It’s true what they say, first day of school is much harder for the parent than it is for the child.

What I do know is that you are a wonderfully smart and aware child who will flourish in a school setting. I will do what mothers do best. I’ll be solid and strong and hide my tears, and I’ll be gentle and wipe yours. I’ll give you a hug, and wish you all the very best in this new chapter. And I’ll bear the pain it takes for me to let you go.

I will be posting Ridha’s First Day of Nursery for details on how it all went very soon!!

What’s the hardest part of sending your child off to school?

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7 thoughts on “Before You Start Nursery”

  1. Aww, it’s definitely hard. With my first he used to cry and scream and it broke it my heart every day when I had to leave him there, but then he always enjoyed it and never wanted to leave when I picked him up. My yiungestvstarted pre-school last week and had been desperate to go and so excited. I worry about her being the youngest there but she takes it all in her stride and runs in without a backwards glance. I hope it all went well for your daughter x

  2. So much of this post resonates with me and it is a very apt time for me to read this! I have just dropped my twin girls off for the first time his morning. I’m sure they’ll be fine but I am very lost even though the quiet is welcome too (just for a little while at least!) hope it all went well xx #thesatsesh

    1. Aww I hope your girls enjoyed their time at school. It really was torture for us the first day, but we’re taking it day by day. Even us as parents have to let ourselves adjust to this new change. Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Aw I hope it goes ok! As a teacher, we do everything we can to help make children feel safe and loved and ready for learning through play. I’m sure she’ll be fine – I hope you are too! Thanks for linking up to #fabfridaypost

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