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5 Times My Kids Slept…

How can I explain the feeling of when your fun-loving, talks a mile-a-minute child has fallen asleep? It’s like magic. All goes quiet, and all you want to do is savor this moment as much as you can. And that checklist of duties you had secretly kept aside for when the child is napping, well, it disappears…because this is YOU time. You plop yourself on the sofa with a bag of doritos and start checking your phone, because it is the most amazing feeling to not have those little fingers prying at you. We all know that moment, when the child dozes off into dreamland, and all we wanna do is jump up and down.

Five times my kids slept and I wanted to jump up and down with joy…

  1. When my kid falls asleep on the sofa watching TV.
    This is usually by accident and only happens because my 2.5 year old has rejected the idea of nap time. So she accidentally falls asleep on the sofa while I’m putting my youngest down upstairs. It’s always a nice bonus to come back downstairs to find that 2 out of 2 kids are asleep!!
  2. When my kid falls asleep in her highchair [while I’m cooking].
    Admittedly, this has happened on several occasions despite my efforts to not let it happen. My youngest is whining for a few minutes, or longer, and I’m facing the stove, frantically yelling back “Just one more minute!” and after what feels like 30 seconds, but is probably 10 minutes, I turn around to find her silently asleep in her highchair. I do feel sympathy, but also breathe a sigh of relief.
  3. When my kids fall asleep in the car.
    Plan your trips around nap time!!! It works like clockwork. Sometimes, I haven’t left the driveway yet and one or both are knocked out. Can’t get any better than that. 
  4. When your kids sleep through the night.
    Need I say more?

5.     ANY other time my kids have fallen asleep. The End.

I love my kids, absolutely adore them. However, a 12 hour day from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm can be exhausting for them…and for mummy. Hehe. Any little chunk of rest that they have, means a better day overall. It also means I can read a few pages of a book, watch something on the TV, use the restroom…anything that doesn’t involve clinging, snatching of the remotes, yelling in my ear, grabbing at my get the point.

Do you ever feel that happy that you want to jump up and down when your child has fallen asleep? I cannot be the only parent who does!

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15 thoughts on “5 Times My Kids Slept…”

  1. On point sista! My favorite is when they fall asleep watching TV right aound bedtime. No bedtime routine means mamma gets some extra R&R! Great post!

  2. I relate to this so much. When she’s awake I think of all the jobs I can do when she naps and then when she’s asleep I just want to sit still for a bit!

  3. This makes me laugh. As parents we definitely do collect those moments of sleep! They are so angelic when asleep, and less so sometimes when they’re awake 🙂 #thesatsesh

  4. Mine are a little older now, so no more nap times but the feeling of relief when they’re both sleeping soundly in their own beds at night and we can have two hours to recharge before our bedtime is awesome! Loved this post, it really made me smile. #thesatsesh

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