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Ridha’s Room Decor

I designed my daughter Ridha Zaynab’s bedroom when my second daughter was on the way, as a way of adjusting my firstborn in her own space before the baby comes. Aside from wanting the room to be very special for her, I wanted a clean space that wouldn’t be cluttered with a surplus of toys and junk. Here’s a closer look at the decor I placed around her room.


Framed Birth Record (customized) – $14.00
Little Wings Gallery, Etsy

  • There are two large walls in Ridha’s bedroom, one of which is the bed and the opposite wall. The other two are covered by windows and a closet. So I really wanted to decorate one wall with lot of pictures to personalize her room. I used a canvas photo and framed collage that I ordered from CVS using promo codes. And the customized birth record I found on Etsy. It gave the room a beautiful and personal touch.


Wall book shelf $22.99

We have tons of books, and I didn’t want to keep them all in her bedroom. So I separated which books she repeatedly reads at bedtime, and only kept those in a small wall mounted book holder.


Floral wall decor $16.99

These floral wall hangings add a very pretty texture and color to the room. I hung them on a very thin wall between the door entrance and closet.


‘R’ wall art
Hobby Lobby

I absolutely love Hobby Lobby for their wonderful selection of artwork, mainly the little girls room decor. I found this lovely ‘R’ framed wall art piece, but I just don’t remember the price. (Hobby lobby is very affordable!!) The other canvas is a birthday gift for Ridha from my younger cousin.

F101F850-3089-40EF-987E-386B15C754CF copy

Butterfly wall decals $12.79

Decals are a great way to add artwork in a room, and easily removed when it’s time to redecorate. They’re a fun way to get creative too, I basically just stuck them up in a pattern I liked. I remember putting these up with my daughter, she kept calling them stickers and loved the way they looked.


Curtains $49.50
JC Penney

I wanted very soft curtains, ones that don’t completely block out the light. These were already lined with a soft white lining, and they have a leaf pattern that went perfectly with the springy, green wall color and butterfly decals.


This bedroom is a place where my daughters snuggle up with each other and listen to stories before they drift off into rest. They sing songs, play pretend and jump up and down on the bed before bursting into a sea of giggles. I wanted to give the girls a room that they’d love to grow up in. I’m just not ready to trade in this girly room for vanities, reading desks and other big girl things.

Hope you enjoyed my post! Would love to hear from you on decorating tips for young ones’ rooms.

The Tactical Mummy

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  1. This is absolutely stunning! I adore the little bookshelf – will definitely be getting Pickle one of these. Thanks for linking up to #TacticalTuesdays and look forward to seeing you again next week. If you tweet me on Twitter @tacticalmummy – I will make sure this is shared! xxx #TacticalTuesdays

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