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Rabab’s First Birthday Iftar

My second baby girl was born in the Holy month of Ramadan 2016, and so to celebrate her Islamic birthday, my husband and I decided to host a very informal and intimate birthday iftar [opening of a fast in Ramadan] to celebrate her first birthday. We invited some of our closest friends, barbecued casually on our deck and ate a delicious ice cream cake. It was so simple and nice, a tribute to a very classic 90’s style birthday.

I am blessed to have one winter baby and one summer baby. Being a winter child myself, I’ve always been a tiny bit envious of people who can celebrate their birthdays at the park with the sun shining and a cool breeze, carrying the sweet smell of summer bbq and crisp lemonade. So for my daughter’s first birthday, I envisioned a casual bbq dinner, and finally we’d be able to utilize our new, spacious deck. Lo and behold, it poured that night. I mean there was no way we were hosting this thing outside. Ah well…maybe next year?

Luckily, my husband was able to grill all the food just in time before the rain drops came down hard all over the meat. We had ordered marinated tandoori chicken legs, lamb shish cubes and burgers. I set up a build-your-own style table, where everyone could create their own masterpiece burgers with all the fixings. In addition, I served breadsticks, mac n’ cheese, chips with guacamole, french fries and onion rings. I wanted to keep things real simple for our 20 something guests.


For dessert, I made mini strawberry cheesecake bites and fresh chocolate dipped strawberries. These were my only contribution that night. The fasts this year were long and hard, I just didn’t have the energy to do more. I also ordered a yummy ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins, with the classic cookies n’ cream ice cream flavor and chocolate cake.

Homemade desserts


The cake suffered some car turbulence 😦

I wanted to dress my daughters in something very summery befitting the heat wave we had this year. For myself, I ordered a few things online and decided on a long floral tunic that went down to my ankles, and a matching solid hijab. I’m loving all the floral that’s in, but moreover I’m loving all the new, affordable hijabi-friendly online shops!

I can’t wait to plan more fun iftars at my home! Just hope it doesn’t rain next time…

What’s your favorite thing about summer birthdays?


Dress $31.99/Hijab $9.60, The Hijab Souq


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