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California [Halal] Eateries 

This post is just going to be dedicated to food. California is filled with yummy places to eat, here’s just a few that we were able to experience on our trip.

San Diego, CA

Sultan Baklava, Gaslamp

This is a nice place to eat, cozy atmosphere, family-friendly and good food. I had this pistachio chicken dish, I mean I really liked it. But if you’re not into pistachio, then don’t order it. They have plenty of other delicious options from shawermas to grilled meat dishes. They are known for their chocolate baklava, it’s definitely worth a try.


Grilled skewer, pistachio, rice


Los Angeles, CA

Al Watan Restaurant, Hawthorne

Do you ever have that craving for just some real desi food? We did. After staying in San Diego for a few days and eating at the attractions, mostly pizza for like three days straight, my husband and I were in the mood from real desi food. So we were told to try out a Pakistani restaurant in our area. This place did hit the spot with it’s fresh, warm naan and chicken biryani. It’s not a fancy place to sit down with your family, but it’s good Pakistani food at a good price.


Chicken Biryani, Sikh Kebob, Naan


Fremont, CA

Black Bear Diner
*Not Halal

We went to Black Bear Diner for brunch on a busy Sunday morning, so naturally there was a wait time. But the food was very good. This place is your typical breakfast/brunch place, with several options of comforting classics. There’s something for everyone and it’s definitely a kid-friendly, family restaurant. Everything about this place screams bear, inside decor and atmosphere is very woody and cabin-like.
Beware of parking at this place, it is a nightmare.

Eggs Benedict

Falafel Corner

We loved this place. It’s in a strip mall, but a very spacious and neat restaurant serving up some of the most delicious pizza and burgers I’ve ever had. We loved it so much, we had to try it again. I ordered the Tex-mex burger, and it was unbelievably good. If you’re ever in the Fremont area, this place is a must-try.

Other places you can try while in California:

Wayback Burgers, Milipitas
I did not visit this place, but my husband did and he couldn’t stop talking about the philly cheesesteak.

Sala Thai II, Fremont
A very nice halal Thai place, kind of small place but great food and quick service. Sala Thai 2 is the halal one, not Sala Thai.

Fog Harbor Fish House, San Francisco
Upscale, pricey but wonderful food, atmosphere and service. Located in Fisherman’s wharf, boardwalk and overlooking the water.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory, Santa Monica
Fresh seafood, lots of shrimp dishes. Located right on Santa Monica Pier. Very nice atmosphere, great for families.

Noah’s Bagels
Lastly, this place is a MUST try, and I mean wajib must. Noah’s bagels produces the most deliciously fresh, soft bagels, basically the best bagels I have ever had. Their cream cheese spreads are amazing. Go get some when you’re there, you will not regret it. This is pretty much the one thing I miss most about CA. There are more than one location, these shops are all over the place. We cannot wait to try these again!!


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