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Playroom Essentials under $50


Now that both my daughters are at a toddler age, I couldn’t wait to get started on a designated play area for them in my home. After some careful thought, I decided on a nook in the basement as the perfect spot because it is spacious enough that the kids toys aren’t taking up the entire area. I was on a tight budget so I only bought exactly what I needed. Here are five items that I think are essential and affordable for a playroom:

  1. Play rug $50.99 – Costco
    When searching for a rug, I didn’t want something too expensive, as kids pretty much ruin everything. Just kidding! I wanted something that didn’t look too kiddish, but soft enough to be in a kid’s playroom. I decided on a small 5’x7′ navy blue rug from Costco because it was soft, affordable and not to mention a beautiful design.
  2. Toy organizer $47.99 – Toys R Us 
    I bought this wonderful toy organizer in pastel colors for all the toys, because I absolutely despise it when I walk through a room and step on those itty bitty toys, ouch! This organizer has several cubbies to hold every size toy and it is at a great price right now. Regularly priced at $50.99.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 1.26.46 PM
    Tot Tutors Toy Organizer
  3. Book Shelf $21.99 – Target
    I knew that I needed a book shelf, but did not want something that was too sharp or heavy because my kids are very young. Plus, they don’t have a huge book collection just yet. So I went for a very affordable, softer book shelf from Target. It’s the perfect size because it’s accessible to both my kids, they love pulling out coloring books and story books by themselves and bringing it to the play mat.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 1.21.08 PM
    Tot Tutors Book Shelf
  4. Table and Chairs Set $30 and up – Toys R Us
    I haven’t yet bought a table and chairs set yet because my youngest isn’t old enough to sit on it, but I definitely plan on it because I think it is an essential for a playroom. Personally, I prefer a foldable set just because I feel it should be easy enough to store away when I need to clear up the space. Toys R Us carries many choices when it comes to foldable sets, with different character themes and at a great price.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 1.35.56 PM
    Frozen Chair Set $34.99 Toys R Us
  5. Play Tent $21.99 – Amazon
    Lastly, we were gifted a beautiful castle tent that my daughters love to play in. It’s a small one, just big enough for me to cramp myself into with the girls. There are so many variations of play tents, large or small with different themes. Toys R Us also carries several ranging from $12.99 and up.

    Princess play tent

    I hope you enjoy designing a play area for your little ones. Would love to hear about what essentials you found!


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